Calling Sun Yang* – WADA Has Issued Its 2016 Banned Substances List – Please Check

Sun Yang - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The following is a personal message for Sun Yang* and all those involved in the doping farce of 2014: WADA has issued its 2016 banned substances list – it would be advisable to read it if you’re keen to avoid the same ‘mistake’ that led to a suspension served in secret and all the dubious behaviour that went with it

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The following is a personal message for Sun Yang* and all those involved in the doping farce of 2014: WADA has issued its 2016 banned substances list – it would be advisable to read it if you’re keen to avoid the same ‘mistake’ that led to a suspension served in secret and all the dubious behaviour that went with it



It’s funny how Yang is not dead yet, even while Roy tried to convince us that without the TMZ yang would have dropped dead.

And Yang has now trained for a year and a half without TMZ and he’s looked as fine as before.


There’s all too much in the “we don’t know” basket. Not all heart arrhythmias are dangerous; indeed a very large percentage are “benign”.

Exactly what the status of Sun Yang’s condition; if indeed there legitimately is one; is a mystery. Candour on this point, at least to WADA (which should then filter through to FINA & the like) would certainly be appreciated and this should be in the form of evidential tests rather than mere certification.

Craig Lord

Just so, commonwombat



The fact that Yang keep training at high level without TMZ shows that Yang and the Chinese do not care as much about his fragile organ as you do.


We only have his, or rather the Chinese team’s, explanation for his dramatic withdrawal from the 1500 final in Kazan.

What proof has been put forward with regards to his claims of a heart condition ? Has there been any or has this just been tendered as the rationale for his positive reading for Trimetazidine whose primary use is in the treatment of angina. If you have angina, you will NOT be competing in top level sport …. period !

As I stated earlier, he MAY well have an arrhythmia but they are NOT all harmful. They DO, however, need to be investigated via a number of tests. I have ectopic beats myself so have been through this regime.

If SY has been through this, then why not put them forward ? There are plenty of highly reputable cardiologists in Brisbane/Gold Coast who can run these tests as a

Some of the Chinese bashing that occurs in this sport is unjust but there are just too many things about this issue that don’t pass the “smell test”. IF there is a heart issue then put the evidence out there for examination. If he’s currently training in AUS, then there are plenty of cardiologists and facilities available to have it confirmed.


Is there any official and accurate enough info on what heart disease he actually has? “Heart condition” may mean anything. Low heart rate or bradycardia which is very common among endurance athletes is a “heart condition” as well, but no one dies because of it.

So what exactly is wrong with Sun’s heart?


Sorry, Roy, but you may need to study a wee bit longer and deeper than just a quick cut n paste from Wikipedia before launching your prospective career as amateur defence counsel.

You can live a reasonably normal life with “stable angina” with suitable medication and notionally one COULD continue a high level sporting career in a sport like shooting which does not require intense physical exertion. International level swimming – no.

The fact is that the overwhelming majority of angina cases are due to coronary artery disease. There is a variant where arterial disease is usually not present but the overwhelming majority with Prinzmetals are female.

Craig Lord

Angina Pectoris is what is cited, Eugene – I have not seen any reference to whether stable or unstable

Trimetazidine is a prescribed drug for the condition. The drug was added to the WADA Code in 2014 because it has been showing up in a significant number of tests among athletes believed (and known) not to have a heart condition.

Some standard advice when it comes to patients with AP doing sport:

“All sports, with exception of high static, high dynamic sports”

“Low dynamic and static sport (IA)”

No mention is made in the helpful resource below when it comes to folk who can race 14:31 over 1500m free and cover between 70 to 90km or so in water every week.

More info here:


You really don’t know when to give up do you, Roy ??

And BTW, what is one of the prime CAUSES of coronary artery disease ? Smoking

Participation in sports is certainly possible with stable angina but that is a completely different level to professional sports involving major levels of physical exertions.

Sun Yang, and his team, MAY be telling the truth but there are more than sufficient grounds for registering significant doubt with regards the veracity of these claims.

Sadly, there is also sufficient grounds to have scant confidence in the procedural integrity of FINA’s processes let alone those of the Chinese officialdom in this case given appears to have transpired in the initial positive test.

This is not Chinese bashing; just about EVERY country has their ‘skeletons in the closet’ when it comes to doping infractions in various sports …… and attempts to “whitewash history”. However, the timeline … and failure to report the initial infraction in this case basically “trips” just about every procedural “alarm” in existence.


Wow, that’s quite serious. In Ukrainian and Russian the word “Angina” usually means an acute inflammation of the tonsils, and is a really common complication of the cold. So I had to go to wikipedia to find out what it means. We call it “Stenocardia”.
Well, I really doubt if dude with such a disease can be a WR holder in 1500 (or any other). They usually have problems while walking up the stairs.

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