Cal Rolls to NCAA Title as Franklin Sweeps Indy Events; American Record for Manuel

Simone Manuel by Peter Bick

Cal wrapped up the NCAA team title behind Missy Franklin’s win in the 200 backstroke, her third individual triumph of the weekend, while Simone Manuel regained the American record in the 100 freestyle.

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Cal wrapped up the NCAA team title behind Missy Franklin’s win in the 200 backstroke, her third individual triumph of the weekend, while Simone Manuel regained the American record in the 100 freestyle.



After a rather off 2014 for anyone not named Ledecky, the American women are starting to show some signs of life heading toward Rio.

It’ll be interesting to see how Kelsi Worrell does this summer. Last year her 59.1 in the 100 LCM fly apparently came while she was recovering from mono/glandular fever so there could be room for improvement there.

Bad Anon

I think Franklin will get closer to the 200free WR this summer.


If only Missy, Sjoestrom and Ledecky had one event of 200 free to swim this summer, they could push each other and one of them can get very very close to the WR.

And then reality checks in, and I think the 200 free WR will still stand after Rio.


That WR might take a while. Doubting Ledecky in any way may look like a fool’s game these days, but it still seems like quite a jump in raw speed. It’s also hard to see Franklin drop so much time: she’d have to go nearly two seconds faster than her world title swim, and while she can certainly improve, it didn’t seem like there were too many problems with that performance. Sjoestrom is the one who may have the speed potential, but she doesn’t even seem too keen on the event.


Will Felix & ASF on this one. Ledecky has gapped the field over the longer distances but at 200 she’s crossing paths with those specialising in sprint events. Could she break the 200WR ? Could she win the 200 gold in Kazan and/or Rio ? Certainly …. but it’s far from a done deal and even then I’m not seeing the margins she has over the longer distances. She’s on an amazing “run” of form and all credit to her, she’s been “taking it to the bank” for all it’s worth but these runs do inevitably come to an end. In her case, it’s hoping this happens post Rio rather than before.

Franklin could be a major factor over 200 but let’s see her LCM times this season before forming betting markets. Lets see what other players (Ledecky, Sjostrom, McKeon, O’Connor, Heemskirk & Pellegrini) come out with.


Bad Anon, you’re kidding right? I still doubt Franklin will even beat Ledecky on 200 free assuming Ledecky will swim.


LOL @ people still doubting Ledecky. I guess no matter what she does people still doesn’t respect her. Let’s see.


Not trying to minimize Franklin deed in 200free, i think her time is not that close Pellegrini WR time.
When Franklin made her old 200free yard record, she wasn t nowhere near her peak form in her long course textile best.
I would put her 1:39.10 in 1:53 very high or 1:54low in LCM.
I still remember when Cielo made 40.92( a second and a half over second place), with everyone telling he would crush WR in LCM.He made only 47.67 at Olympics with a better suit(LZR).Long Course is another sport.


My interpretation of what Franklin has been up to since London is that she’s trying to become a more formidable force in the freestyle. In 2011, she was already a 1:55 flat, but we saw in London that for her to become as good as she was capable of in the backstroke, she had to sacrifice a medal in the freestyle. It was probably what she had to do to ensure she won both backstroke golds.

It must’ve been in the agreement for Franklin to go to Berkeley that she place a lo tof emphasis on the freestyle. This is supported by the events that she swam in college. It probably wouldn’t be difficult for Franklin to stick to the backstrokes, but in reality- she’s probably take the 200back to a level where its hard for any contemporaries could think or challenging her. Meanwhile, her legacy could be substantially different if she placed focus in the 200free.

Franklin knows what she’s up against in Ledecky. Seeing Ledeck swim 54mids in season must be something of an eye opener. Ledecky has her on turns, despite her being a distance swimmers. And turning focus to the 200free probably involves pushing ahead in the 100free in order to create some advantage over herself. Her focus this summer may actually be whether she can get down to the 52’s.


Interesting take on things john26. I think it may be going too far though. If Franklin was sacrificing freestyle to ‘ensure’ backstroke gold why do the events at all in 2012? She had such a quick turnaround from her 200free semifinal to the 100back final it wouldn’t be worth the risk. In the end she recovered quickly enough to win gold, but was probably not in a position to ‘ensure’ it, as she couldn’t match Seebohm’s semifinal time (and never has).

In a way 100 back and 200 free seem similar challenges for Franklin. Her backstroke is her better stroke and 200 is her better distance, so 200 back she dominates, and 100 free isn’t really a prospect, whereas on the other two events she’s right up there, but with competition.


Again, I tend to side with Felix. Backstroke does appear the stoke where she has demonstrated intl dominance, particularly over 200. This dominance stretched to the 100 for a while but with Seebohm now swimming consistent 58s AND appears more mentally together; she’s going to have to be right on her game.

As a freestyler, her record is more that of being outstanding and a clear contender (esp over 200) without ever hinting the dominance seen with her backstroke. Over 200, she has to be seen as a contender but, tbh, you could name a finals field of legitimate contenders.

Over 100, she’s merely been very good and a clear gap and a half “off the money”. She may indeed drop below 53 but even that is no guaranteed medal. C1 & Sjostrom are consistently sub 53 and have gone 53mid or lower. C2’s been there in the past year and current swims from this season hint that this was no aberration. Kromowidjojo has been there and may return; Heemskirk was swimming 53.1’s and has to be a chance to go there. A finalist – yes; medal – at this point favour others.


It’s nice that the Indy folks finally installed the good equipment for the Div I meet. forDiv II, they had all the old junk. Blocks with no wedges or hand grips.
Oh yeah I forgot Div II is slow and unworthy of good equipment, like the 1:51 200 Breast swim or all the times Josa put up.


ICS Coach: Actually this meet was held in Greensboro. The “Indy” reference in the title was for Missy’s “Individual” events; a mistake on the part of the author. Also The Nat in Indy is still one of the fastest pools in the world. Their blocks are still exceptional even without the wedge. They have always had hand grips. Ever stop to think that maybe part of the reason for that 1:51 200 Breast was the pool and facility?

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