Bubbly & Vulnerable: Missy Franklin Admirably Proves Traits Can Cross Paths

Missy Franklin by Matthew Bish of Bold Action Media

Missy Franklin brings a bubbly demeanor to the pool deck, but she also proves that vulnerability is an acceptable trait.

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Missy Franklin brings a bubbly demeanor to the pool deck, but she also proves that vulnerability is an acceptable trait.



Smiling and bubbly, yes, but it’s all very fake. That’s not a criticism, it’s just the way we are. Everyone puts on a brave face at times but I have listened to some of Missy Franklin’s interviews and felt incredulous at the upbeat nature of her words, especially in the last couple of years, after a number of disappointments. She’s always happy, even when she’s not. I don’t think that works with the viewer and creates a sort of distance. People identify, idolize their sports heroes. A false impression is a false impression; so many expected MF to leave the disappointments behind her and post world beating times in Omaha, but the reality was that what we have seen in the last two years were indications of a malaise which may or may not pass in time. Being more open will only help. Worrying about whether people will still want her autograph if she lost and other misplaced concerns only sap one’s energy. I hope she continues to be more, “real” about things in future; it will take pressure off her shoulders. I’m very doubtful she can do anything meaningful in Rio; if she does, it will be to her great credit. It’s after Rio that everything starts over………..


In her early years in senior team (2011-2012), I also thought that her bubbly personality was not “natural”, but after few years, I’ve come to accept that it is her genuine personality. I think she was brought up by her parents to view and respond to everything life throw at her in positive manner. Yes, I get that the over-excitement, upbeat and giggly mannerism is not nowhere near common and easily come across as being fake.

John Lohn

Ger, I’ve covered her for some time, and you are incorrect. What you see with Missy is who she is, whether you want to believe it or not.

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