Brazilian Bonanza From Felipe Silva & Etiene Medeiros; Canada Doubles in 400 Free

Felipe Franca Silva, by Patrick B. Kraemer

Felipe Silva clocked the third-fastest time in the world in the 100 breaststroke and Etiene Medeiros medaled in a pair of events to fuel a big night for Brazil at the Pan American Games.

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Felipe Silva clocked the third-fastest time in the world in the 100 breaststroke and Etiene Medeiros medaled in a pair of events to fuel a big night for Brazil at the Pan American Games.



I have my doubts if França will hold his form to Worlds.He is too heavy.And normally he has a really good RT.
Medeiros is on the right path to earn a final in Rio.Right now, I think she will aim a semi at Worlds(in 100back).


Did anyone notice Gillian Ryan’s splits in the 400 free final? Her first 100 a 62 and the last 100 a 59? with a 2:07 middle 200?

30.06, 32.16, 32.06, 32.31, 31.59, 31.32, 30.45, 29.51 where the splits, and it would look about right if they were read backwards.

John, are you familiar with her race tactics, i dont really know too much about her.


brazilian Brandonn Almeida likes to swim 1500free in this way(from slow to faster), see his brazilian record(15:12.20) splits from last Maria Lenk Trophy:
first 500:5:05.65
and 15:12.20(with 57.67 in the last 100).

I will keep one eye on him tomorrow, but I don’t expect big things(he is saving the taper for Junior Worlds-he told he is with 4 days rest)


DDias – Yes Brandon is a very talented kid.

His performance at the Maria Lenk Trophy was noted, however, it is not uncommon to swim it that way (getting into a rhythm and sprinting the last 100).

My point is the 400 these days is not a cat and mouse game, as it used to be, its got to the stage where men and woman go out hard and come back hard as well, so it was strange to note. I mean if she was out 2:00, and could come home 2:03 it would be impressive…


oh…I got it now.
Since Evans, 400 free is everything but slow pace.But “die harder” pace swimmers are still more common than “phoenix” ones.We can not put Ledecky in either group, she is a Devastator pace one.

About Brandonn 1500:
I think his strategy very strange(3,2,1).
Closing strong is normal, but lowering 500?



Not since Evans. If you watch the video of Shane Gould swimming 400 free in 1972 Munich, you’ll see how very alike Ledecky is to her. Gould went for it from the very start, fast fast fast.
And in fact, Evans is not like that, Evans liked to negative split her race.

John Lohn

Wez, that is not unusual for Gillian Ryan from what I understand. Almost like she got into an 800/1500 rhythm, and may have left something out there.


If one checks Ledecky’s sub 4min races then he will find out that none of them look alike and she is still experimenting. 400m free is a very interesting race. Same time can be achieved by the same swimmer with different tactics. The medal cannot be won the way Franklin won gold in Barcelona at 200m free – start very hard and try not to die at the end. It cannot be won with negative splits, because it may happen to be not enough time to catch leaders. It is still pretty much cat and mouse game. Just got stronger. I don’t have enough data to analyze Thorpe’s splits at 400, but I won’t be surprised if he used different strategy at his best races depending on his form and mood.

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