Australia Olympic Swim Team Urged To Book ‘Psycho Debrief’ To Adjust To Life After Rio

Cate, left, and Bronte Campbell console each other after the Rio 2016 100m freestyle final - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Australian Olympic swimming team members are being urged to book a post-Games debrief with a psychologist to help them “adjusting back into normal life” after Rio 2016

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Australian Olympic swimming team members are being urged to book a post-Games debrief with a psychologist to help them “adjusting back into normal life” after Rio 2016



Some of the choices by the Olympics coaches were downright ridiculous.

Since 2012 After the Olympics, McEvoy had always swum full schedule: 50-100-200 free, and all three relays.
And the results were always fantastic, in 100 free the results were: 4th in 2013 worlds, 2nd in 2014 aussie trials, 2nd in the Commonwealth, 1st in Pan Pacs, 1st in 2015 aussie trials, 2nd in 2015 worlds, 1st in 2016 trials in textile WR.

And yet in Rio, for some head scratching reason, first he was told to drop 200 free, and then he was not selected for 4×200.

And BOOM… 7th in the 100.

Some people who made this awful awful unnecessary decision need to be held accountable.

Craig Lord

Yes, asf, there were decisions in last month before Rio that made no sense but one assumed those making the decisions knew what they were doing. Still cannot see why Cate C had to get up and break a WR a month out from an Olympics – and in hindsight it begs the question whether that was bad planning or part of a deliberate attempt to boost her confidence when realising that she was feeling the weight of it all… Any inquiry, if it is to be truly helpful to making sure this does not happen again for Australia, must consider such questions … but also extend to the question ‘is the management providing the right environment for coaches and swimmers to prepare for the biggest of moments (forget the bits in between, for after a Games, no-one cares nearly quite as much). Had this been 1 or even 2 big hitters, bad day and all that comes into play. That at 8 out of 9 clear podium (if not gold) shots were missed by the biggest contenders on the team requires Australia to be calm but extremely determined not to play out a PR exercise but truly get to the bottom of what went wrong, for wrong it did indeed go, despite the No2 on medals and 13 overall, 3 gold at the helm. I think the sailing man at the helm should do the decent thing: he mentioned that Australian swimming wanted to topple USA as world No 1 by 2020 etc… why? Why would he want to do that? Why did he think that doing so was a sound idea? Those questions must also be asked. As for psychological help now – one may see the logic of it (the language will surely not have gone down well with some recipients, I would imagine…) but the question would then be: why would one have faith in a process open to swimmers before Rio but completely unable to help to deliver some of the surest form-guide winners and medal winners to the Olympic podium.


I agree entirely with asf. The decision to withdraw McEvoy from the 200 was dumb. He handled the 100 and 200 admirably at trials and was in the best physical condition ever in Rio according to his coach, Richard Scarce. Why did the team coaches think he wasn’t up to it in Rio? By “saving” him for the 100 all it did was raise the stakes further. The decision not to swim him in the 4X200 took it to a different level of stupidity altogether. Any serious post mortem would have to look at this and other matters. But will those responsible subject themselves to scrutiny? I doubt it.

Craig Lord

Yes, indeed, long stroke, any post mortem would have to consider such things, including any knowledge within the camp about concerns over the form of the athlete. I cannot imagine that if the coaches felt McEvoy was in best form, physical and mental, they would have pulled him out of a 200m swim, relay etc. Perhaps all will come out in the wash. There may be things that we outside the team don’t yet know (often the case…).

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