Australia Names 34 Dolphins For Rio 2016 (3 To Be Added): “Great team” Says Verhaeren

Cameron McEvoy - courtesy of Swimming Australia Ltd

Australia has named 34 swimmers for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as trials ended after eight days of racing in Adelaide; three more names like to be added when the men’s 4x100m free relay is confirmed; Rio team has 21 Olympic rookies; 13 Olympians of more than one Games and five who will race at their third Games. Alicia Coutts, 28, is the eldest, Tamsin Cook and Kyle Chalmers, 17, the youngest.

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Australia has named 34 swimmers for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as trials ended after eight days of racing in Adelaide; three more names like to be added when the men’s 4x100m free relay is confirmed; Rio team has 21 Olympic rookies; 13 Olympians of more than one Games and five who will race at their third Games. Alicia Coutts, 28, is the eldest, Tamsin Cook and Kyle Chalmers, 17, the youngest.


Bad Anon

Great times overall from Aussie trials. This is one of the best teams since Sydney 2000. No WR from this meet; Woooow! In 2008 lots of wr’s courtesy of the shiny suits; granted C1 50free and McEvoy 100free are textile marks but its never the same….


C1 and Cam’s textile marks worth so much more than Steffen’s and Cielo’s WRs. Every swimming fans know about this.

The silver lining: Since they weren’t “official” WRs, there’s going to be less media and public exposure and pressure on both swimmers had those marks were officially recognized. Not that Australian media will be merciful enough towards both swimmers in the lead up to Rio.


If I were Matthew Wilson, I would take SAL to court or some sort of arbitration. He is a lot more deserving than Palmer. He is way under FINA A in two events, he finished first in one of those two events.

Any country (with the exception of GBR, USA and Japan) would have gladly taken Wilson to Rio. And he is 17 yo, FFS, plenty of constant improvement. How many seconds did Leisel Jones cut down between Aussie trials and 2000 Sydney?


I agree with CW here, both Wilson & Stockwell unlucky while Palmer & Hansford lucky.

Wilson won the 200 & was close enough to Palmer in 100 & has bigger scope of improvement.

As for Hansford, there is backup in Horton, Chalmers already in squad in 4 x 200, in the 4X100 there is no alternative in the squad apart from the top 5.

Dave Nicholson

Great Trials for the Aussies and a very strong resulting team for Rio. After the (relative) disappointments of the China, Japan and France trials, it’s nice to see a major swimming nation perform well. Too bad there’s not a W 4×100 back relay…

Personal Best

Agreed; I am disappointed Wilson misses out – such an unfortunate (stupid?) decision. Laughable in fact. The only Aussie sub 2:10 in the 200. Maybe not a medal chance, but it’s about experience as well.

Stockwell too deserved a chance but unfortunately for him finishing 6th was just a touch too far away. He is likely to continue improving where as Abood has not improved, but Abood pipped him in the race that mattered.

Personal Best

Other than that, no real surprises. A big shame for Tranter in the 200IM.
Sure TFH could step in, but whether he wants to is another story. Depends when the 4×200 is on.


This has to be the strongest Australian team for a long time – in terms of depth better in my opinion than the 2000/2004 teams.

Wilson’s omission is tough on him but I don’t think the decision can be described as “stupid” as some have said here. The selectors have to be subjective therefore Wilson’s relative “youth” and “potential” doesn’t come into it. The selectors will say it’s all about the medals and in this case the 4 X100 MR. The fact is that back-up is needed for Packard and in the race that mattered – the 100BS it was Palmer that finished second, not Wilson.


Correction: selectors have to be objective.


Dr Doom’s jaundiced view

McEvoy: has a dirty great big target painted on his back in the 100free. He clearly has to be seen as a potential gold but both Sullivan & Magnussen went into Beijing & London in near identical situations and walked away with 2nd money. He’s in the medal mix for the 50free but they’re always crapshoots. 200free – outsider.

Chalmers: NOT breaking 48 at Trials was probably a godsend as it means he can avoid a lot of the media BS that would’ve come his way

M4X100; medal potential but far from a certainty. A major test of character for Magnussen to see if his ego can handle his diminished status. Roberts – a very questionable intl CV but coming 3rd at Trials left selectors 0 room. Would’ve preferred Stockwell ahead of him but 6th was always going to be a hard sell for selectors. Abood will probably get 2nd 50free swim.

TFH: somewhat of a return to form after a shocker 2015. IF the 200free remains at its 2014-15 levels then both he & McEvoy may be medal contenders; if faster then they’re more likely outsiders. Finalist at best at 400IM

M4X200: Until we have US Trials out of the way, it will be hard to gauge the relative levels of the various teams. Realistically they look minor medal chances but this team rarely performs as it should on paper and it contains too many equivocal performers. A medal chance but not what I’d call a secure bet.

McKeonD: the main surviving tourist. I just wish I could have confidence in him replicating domestic times internationally but at every major meet; he falls horrendously short.

Horton: tremendous 400 & 1500 times so he clearly has to be seen as a major contender in both. However, he went into Kazan in a similar position but for whatever reasons, health or otherwise, he missed finals. To my mind, the jury’s still out. Certainly a medal chance in both but I’m not minded to wager the sheep station on him

McLoughlin: a massive 1500 PB to make the team. Whatever he may do in Rio is a bonus as expectations shouldn’t be placed upon him

Larkin: Fast enough in both 100 & 200back to put down strong markers that he’s “still in town”. Has to be seen as one of the major factors in both, probably more favouring the 200. Certainly a gold chance in both but medal may be the safer bet.

Beaver: qualified in the 200 & will get to swim the 100. Semis look his ceiling in both events.

Packard: solid but not stellar. Finalled in Kazan but may need to step up a notch to 59low to do so in Rio.

Palmer” Ya oughta buy yerself a lottery ticket”. Will get to swim the 100brs but is essentially only emergency med relay cover for Packard although if he IS called upon then that relay might as well not swim …. they’d be out of business anyway.

Morgan & Irvine: both stepped up with PBs in both 100 & 200fly. Whilst a likely step up competitively on their 100 predecessors; I have little expectation of either progressing past semis in either event. However a 51low fly leg on med relay is possible and would be helpful.

Mahoney: PB’d to make team in 400IM. Proceeding beyond heats would surprise.

4XMED: Silver medal in Kazan albeit largely due to total WTF anchor leg from McEvoy. Clearly have to be seen as medal chances although in all likelihood USA would need to self immolate to not win. These medal chances reliant on Larkin putting them in lead or on par at first change and next two legs not leaving McEvoy having to perform Sermon on the Mount plus Lazarus on the anchor.



C1&C2: Big sister making some very emphatic statements in both 50 & 100. C2 maybe slightly off her very best due to injury but her pattern over the past 2 years has been of delivering her best at the big meet. C1 could most certainly win the 50 but this is an event that is never a secure bet. Think only one can medal in the 50 but both very much in the house for the 100. Either could win gold but the presence of Sjostrom makes this no certainty. Both v strong medal bets

4X100: Three sub53 flat starters and 4th string at 53.5 has to make them prohibitive favourites. However, they need to get both Campbells to Rio both fit and healthy and they must put WR talk out of their minds and keep ALL changes safe.

McKeonE: looks to have bounced back strongly after a disappointing Kazan with major PBs in 100/200free & 100fly. Certainly looking to final in both 200free and 100fly but only a very outside medal bet.

Barratt: Final Olympics for one of the most enigmatic swimmers of the past decade or so. You just don’t know if you’ll get good Bronte (which can be outstanding), mediocre Bronte or %$#@^*%$ awful Bronte and you can sometimes get all three in the one meet. Therefore I have no expectations.

4×200: McKeon’s major PB & Barratt seemingly on form should be bonuses but the times just fall away so far. Neale is another “lottery ticket” selection. They could medal but I wouldn’t care to wager 5c on that outcome.

Ashwood: certainly seems to have consolidated on her Kazan break-out and her times most certainly place her well amongst those scrapping for the minor medals behind Ledecky in the 400 & 800. Clearly a good medal chance in both races but she’s one amongst at least 5 with legitimate claims scrapping for 2 medals in each. Therefore not the safest bet you could make

Cook: 2015 World Jr champ in the 400, also swam a significant PB in the 800. Will probably have to drop more time in both to final but here’s hoping she does.

Seebohm: hard to gauge what was happening during this meet and what were her intentions. Her times were certainly more than sufficient to do what she needed to do (qualify comfortably). However she’s perhaps not in the position of clear dominance in the 100back that she created in 2015 and she was beaten into 2nd in the 200. Still perhaps the favourite for the 100 but no sure thing. Clearly a major contender in the 200 but medal probably the safer bet

Wilson: perhaps a tad disappointing given her silver in 100back at last years Worlds and 2nd place in world rankings. Clearly a medal chance but that may be crowded field. She will need to reattain last years level to do so.

Hocking: major cudos not only to come back from major issues in 2015 but also to reattain her former levels especially in the 200back where she upset Seebohm. A double World silver medallist in this event but bombed out in London. Has to be seen as a factor in Rio but may need PBs to medal.

Bohl & McKeown: Bohl has been the big mover of the AUS season and this continued through Trials. Most definitely looking a potential major boost for med relay. IF her PB progression continues through Rio then she has to be seen as a potential finalist in the 100. McKeown had an excellent intl 2014 before melting down in Kazan and she looks to have bounced back most creditably. Certainly the potential to final in the 200.

Groves: excellent swims in both the 100 & 200fly but as yet, she has yet to walk the walk in international competition. Not yet tourist class but edging ever closer. Time to turn it around. With that in mind, I cannot see her as a medal shot in the 200.

Throssell: was a creditable 4th in 200fly in Kazan. Having said that, I would expect Rio to be faster and she would need significant PBs to be in the medal race

Coutts: major cudos on her comeback. Silver medallist in 200IM in London but final is probably her ceiling this time round.

Ngawati; credit for scrapping hard for a PB to make the team but not a realistic chance of making the final.

Evans: another comeback and a very creditable PB. May need another PB of a second or so to make the 400IM final which I can see as being plausible.

McMaster: highly unlikely to make 400IM final

4xMED: traditionally the arch rivals of the US in this relay so it was a major blow to both teams ego for AUS to be relegated to bronze and US off the podium. In AUS case this was due to implosion on both breast and fly legs. Both these areas seem to be significantly stronger this year and back should be on/at the front to lead off. Either Campbell are “hammers” on the anchor leg that no other team can match and would most likely eat up any deficit of at least 1.2sec. However, until we see how US Trials pan out …… and we know the Campbells are fit and healthy in Rio ….. I’m not putting any “Kiss of Death” on them


commonwombat, I don’t fundamentally disagree with your predictions but your constant belittling of certain Australian swimmers is getting tiring. You’ve intimated in the past you’d like to see some kind of star chamber where these swimmers are permanently disqualified from selection but it ain’t gonna happen. The national body imposes objective selection standards and David McKeon and James Roberts met them fair and square and so too did Madeleine Groves who is the latest swimmer you’re itching to call a ‘tourist’ You obviously have a deep need to constantly bring up the failures of others and to ridicule.


What did Stockwell swim in the relay?




Longstroke, he (CW) made simliar predictions. While some like myself were making wild predictions, with nationalistic jingoism, CW remain cautious & seeing them as half empty bottle.
His predictions of some tourists were correct Hadler, D’songa were spot on.
However, he thought the expectations of McEvoy swimming a PB of 47.2, Chalmers either going flat 48 or even a 47, Horton, recovery from the dismal Kazan campaign, C2’s to maintain form despite injury. McKeon (girl) making huge improvement, watch her PB go down, were national jingoism & all met with his bottle half empty attitude.

So like every punter, he got some right & he got some wrong.


@Commonwombat: totally agree with your W4x100 fs note. There were some talks here that swimmers are not needed to be trained for relay competition. That could be a problem. At last WC the Australian team was also a prohibitive favorites. They led after two legs having two Sisters to complete the deal. And then C2 made exchange with RT = 0.03sec. She practically false started because none of human senses can be that accurate to register such small time interval. I don’t know, it could be McKeon’s fault making deceiving finish (unexpected extra stroke or low touch or indecisively attacking the wall). It could be Bronte’s problem getting too nervous competing at the same relay leg with Sjostrom standing next to her on the blocks. Whatever it was she should be instructed by coach how much of cushion she has, before starting to consider a risky start.

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