Aussie Brittany Elmslie Out Of World Titles After Surgery To Remove Benign Growth

Brittany Elmslie , courtesy of Swimming Australia

Australian sprinter Brittany Elmslie, a member of the Olympic gold-medal winning 4x100m free relay at London 2012, is out of the World Championships after having undergone surgery to a remove a benign growth in her breast three weeks ago

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Australian sprinter Brittany Elmslie, a member of the Olympic gold-medal winning 4x100m free relay at London 2012, is out of the World Championships after having undergone surgery to a remove a benign growth in her breast three weeks ago


Viva la Bang

Big loss to Australia in 4x200m!


A loss but hardly a death blow. At best she was going to put in a 1.56mid-low leg; essentially she’s on par with Wright (formerly Schlanger).

Her withdrawal essentially brings Barratt into the final four line-up (where she may’ve been in any case; her issue is you never know whether you’ll get “good Bronte” or “god awful Bronte”) and Neale definitely gets a heat swim.

She not likely to swim the 4×100 final; this will mean they will co-opt Wilson in to swim the heats which they may’ve done in any case.

Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly with her recovery.


I think verhaeren needs to bring in a replacement for the free relay heats swims, to rest one of the top girls.


They have plenty to comfortably get through in all female relays


Wishing Brittany all the best in her recovery, very scary of a women so young, but yes it happens everywhere.


I’m with Felix; I’m not sure they need to bring in an additional swimmer for heats and would this “addition” strengthen or weaken the heats line-up.

They could co-opt Wilson (a 54flat swimmer) and even Seebohm for 4×100 heats. Much will depend on whether they wish to rest both C1 & C2. Anyone else would be the other side of 54.5.

With 4X200, McKeon has the heaviest schedule so they’ll probably only look to rest her for heats. Finals line-up most likely McKeon, Palmer, Barratt & Wright. Neale will swim heats and they could conceivably call on Ashwood if they wanted to rest another although her international record is less than exemplary.


They used Seebholm for the 4×100 in the heats in 2013 and she went a perfectly nice 54.21. If her, what wast it? knee is back to normal they’re better off with her than Yolane Kukla, who looks like she’d get a roll down spot. I like how Kukla has always swam bigger than her slight size, but think she’s pretty much plateaued on the international stage.

Italian fan

I agree with the first comment: I think that Elmslie was very important for australian relays, particularly for 4×200 free (4×100 free australian is so great that her absence is less important).
Why? Because is very unlikely that Palmer, Barratt and Schlanger are going to be, all 3, in Kazan in her best shape, while Elmslie was very solid in her performances and, above all, in the increasing part of her career.
Anyway, all the best for her recovery, that’s the most important thing.


Italian Fan; your logic escapes me !! You state that it’s very unlikely that Palmer, Barratt & Schlanger will all be in best shape in Kazan. That’s true enough …. there’s absolutely NO certainly they, McKeon, Ledecky, Franklin, Sjostrom or Heemskerk will be. But then you seem to exempt Elmslie from the same “uncertainties” of form as the others. One wonders what makes her so special ? Her advances during the AUS season were promising but just like everyone else, she has to reset for the big event.

Mouse; Kukla wouldn’t realistically be in the picture as a replacement. She didn’t even make semis at Nationals. Coutts and Barratt were the other finalists in the 54mids. Wilson was 54.05 in semis & Seebohm was 54mid with both “scratching” from the final. Wilson, Barratt & Seebohm are already on the squad. Seebohm has a busy program so they may just call on Wilson & Barratt.

Viva la Bang

Elmslie has a 1 56 best over 200m and 53.66 over 100m, The 4x100m team should be Cate Campbell, Emma McKeon, Mel Schlanger, Bronte Campbell, The 4x200m in my opinion is not as strong as it was without Elmslie 1.56.


Viva, Elmslie would’ve only made the 4×100 finals quartet due to illness to one of the top 4; all of whom are a level above her in that event.

In the 4×200, she was in line for a finals swim but was probably 4th seed at best. People are raving about her 1.56 (high) which is creditable in herself but she’s no5 on PB’s behind McKeon, Barratt, Palmer & Wright.

All of these can drop in 1.55 legs, the most likely best case for Elmslie would be a 1.56low. She’s a loss in that they probably need to draft in another heat swimmer and she’s been a sound performer in this relay but hardly a “gun”. Her absence changes the relative strength of the final quartet negligibly if at all.

Viva la Bang

Yeah I realise that but she was 3rd in the 200m and beat Emma in the 100m at trials

Italian fan

@Commonwonbat: You consider PBs but not the increasing curve of performances (for Elmslie) and the history of athletes.
Palmer, Barratt and Schlanger, have often shown in the past “uncertainty” regarding their performances in the great event.
With the absence of Elmslie, all the 3 above must perform well for a successfull australian 4×200 relay.
Yes, sure, also Elmslie can miss her taper and performing not at her best at Worlds, but:
1) we don’t know a lot about Elmslie characteristics in the great events (whereas we konw about Barratt, Schlanger and Palmer)
2) Anyway, with Elmslie australian coaches could choose among 4 swimmers for 3 spots (one for McKeon is sure) considering their shape in Kazan. And having more options is very important, for every team.


I agree with Italian Fan.

Viva la Bang

Gold medal 2012 London 4×100 m freestyle
Silver medal 2012 London 4×200 m freestyle
Silver medal 2012 London 4×100 m medley
World Championships (LC)
Silver medal 2013 Barcelona 4×100 m freestyle
Silver medal 2013 Barcelona 4×200 m freestyle
Pan Pacific Championships
Gold medal 2014 Gold Coast 4×100 m freestyle
Silver medal 2014 Gold Coast 4×200 m freestyle
Commonwealth Games
Gold medal 2014 Glasgow 4×100 m freestyle
Gold medal 2014 Glasgow 4×200 m freestyle
Bronze medal 2014 Glasgow 50 m butterfly


Italian fan; PB’s in domestic waters are all very nice but replicating in intl waters is something many fail to do. Recent AUS cases in point: Jessica Ashwood & David McKeon, have a sinking suspicion that Maddy Groves will prove another one.

Furthermore, this upward trajectory has yet to earn her a top2 position at Trials and earn her an individual swim in the big time, even in a slow year.

Barratt – I thoroughly agree is a completely unpredictable performer. Palmer – many (incl myself) thought her finished due to injury but she swam the top2 at Nats to earn an individual spot. Schlanger’s poorer performances were more at the earlier end of her intl career.

In the context of the AUS W4x200, McKeon is the only one with a relatively busy individual schedule and the only one really needing to be rested. Palmer only has the individual 200 whereas Barratt & Schlanger are relay swims only.

Yes, Viva, I too have seen her intl medal CV and the fact remains that the majority have been as a heat swimmer. A dispassionate review of those swims would say she’s generally reliable without being stellar. Not dissing her for that in any way and I DO hope she recovers fully, both physically and psychologically.

Viva la Bang

I still think the Aussies will not medal with the team they have got in the 4x200m

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