At United States Trials, Stage Set For Jack Conger To Surge Into The Spotlight

Jack Conger - courtesy of Patrick Meredith, UT Athletics Photography

Jack Conger has been overlooked at times during his career, but the United States Olympic Trials are set up for the 21-year-old to have a major breakthrough.

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Jack Conger has been overlooked at times during his career, but the United States Olympic Trials are set up for the 21-year-old to have a major breakthrough.



I know that Clary has always been underestimated and he proved everybody wrong at the major meets (2012 London and 2014 Gold Coast), but he hasn’t looked since then, or recently. I’m afraid that he’s gonna miss the flight to Rio.

Meanwhile, Conger will very likely to get on that seat to Rio. He understands that his biggest chances are in fly events, but the allure to be part of US 4×100 and 4×200 free is very very strong. Swim the 4×1 or 4×2 free prelims, and you are guaranteed to become Olympics medalist. He’ll definitely give 100/200 free a go, we’ll see if that negatively affects his fly events.


Finally women’s sprint events at the Olympics are returned to its rightful place: blue riband glamour events with very very fast times and collection of super fast sprinters.
I felt women 50/100 free in London was meh. Not to take anything from Ranomi (she’s my fave swimmer), but Cate was sick and Sjostrom didn’t perform well. A steroid cheater who medaled in both events didn’t help either.


With respect, ASF, neither SS or C1 were the international factors 4 years ago that they are now.

C1 was swimming 53high and had only recently re-emerged after spending most of that Olympic cycle “sidelined”. SS was only just really stepping up at the time and not at that point in these events.

Unless an American is 24.3 or better; they’re going to be battling to make the W50free final. As for the w100free; there are an awful lot of “gunnabe’s” who haven’t as yet made any clear steps from the 53high ruck to anywhere near the sharp end. Someone may … but as yet they’re several steps away.

Agree with John on M400IM; Kalisz for one spot … lottery for the 2nd. Ditto with his Conger scenario.


Sarah set textile record of 53.05 in December 2011. She was definitely a strong contender for 100 free medal in London. She just got some stage fright.


Ok, grant your point re Sjostrom. Didnt recall the 53.05 that you stated but went and looked back at 2012 Euros results. C1 was most certainly a long-shot at that point and only really stepped up the following year


Sarah swam that 53.05 on 2 December 2011 at Open Dutch Championships in Eindhoven.

Sorry, it wasn’t a textile record because I forgot Libby’s 52.99 from 2007 Duel in the Pool (which was not ratified as WR by FINA).

At 2012 Swim Cup Eindhoven (April 2012), Sarah went 53.29 and 53.30. She definitely could have challenged Ranomi in London. I heard recently that she didn’t have the best preparation for London.

About C1 in London, she could have had chance to medal in 50 free had she not fallen sick. It was very well documented. She didn’t even final.

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