Anthony Ervin Shifting Training Base to SwimMac Carolina and Coach David Marsh

Anthony Ervin - speedster in youth and maturity - by Peter Bick

Anthony Ervin will shift his training base to SwimMac Carolina and the tutelage of David Marsh.

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Anthony Ervin will shift his training base to SwimMac Carolina and the tutelage of David Marsh.



On of my favourite swimmers, but all these changes are not a good sign


Obviously has a thing for Dave’s

Bad Anon

Good luck to him. Just hope he makes the team though it will be incredibly tough, age not on his side. I suggest he gets a few notes from Darra Torres 😉


Bad Anon,
Maybe it’s not a good idea to get a few notes from Dara Torres.


After his last years results, I find it highly unlikely for him to get on the OG team, and he being a 100 free top 6 would be more of a thing for US to worry than to celebrate. He had an amazing carrer, but times passes.

On 50 free, even if he shows some speed, Adrian and Dressel is ahead, and if one of them flops a little, the guy who will probably be most prepares to surprise them now is Schneider, not Cullen or Ervin.


Please don’t let it be Schneider! The guy charges through the water like an angry bull, with no technique at all. Anthony Ervin won’t make it in the 100 and has only a tiny chance to make it in the 50, but he remains a master of the stroke.


He is one of the best for sure. Being 5th in Olympics, considering his awful dive… If only he had a better start! And I believe 35 is great age for such short races like 50 meters. To me (in terms of the dash) the only thing healthy 35 year old man may lack comparing to 20 year olds is motivation to train hard enough and have swimming as a main focus in life. If he manages to do it, he will be a champ.


If the start was from the wall and not from the blocks, Anthony Ervin would smoke them all 😀

Absolutely the fastest over the water, mad stroke rate without losing form, and fluid like a ballerina


All these age talks are like the old maid’s whinning about the time when she was a fourteen year old beauty queen at local school. Let me to remind you that the best Ervin’s times at 50m were shown at age 31-33 (21.42 – 7/28/2013; 21.55 – 8/6/2014; 21.60 – 6/25/2012 … ) He is just not fast enough to compete with sprinters of new generation. Not as he was faster than they are now when he was young, and the age took its toll.
Not long time ago someone here talked about arbitrarity in specifications of swimming competitions. We have to take them as they are and to stop to play “what if ..” games. Why competing at freestyle way of moving in the water should put any restrictions on the underwater part of the race? There are plenty of people who are great with that and see little use of hands at such short distance. Or why not to make starting blocks higher, so the ones with the greater jumping abilities will have some advantage. Some can object that the jumping is not a swimming but it is the part of specification of 50m RACE accepted by professional swimmers. It is basically a race of who will touch the wall first being separated from the starting point on the land by some area of water.
P.S. Luigi is it any way to reach you via some miscellaneous email account?


@therealuigi: my contact email –


If Ervin had a start to match his team mates, he would blow them away. Such a talent on top of the water.

Craig Lord

Fast swimming as living art; wonderful to watch, RSAsp


@RSASprinter, at some other discussion I proposed to determine the winner in the swimming competition by the race time minus reaction time. So we will judge swimmers by their abilities of moving in the water only. It will exclude at least unfairness against those who has hearing problems 🙂 or those who’s starting moving reflexive abilities are not good. Real life example is C1 and Ranomi, the case when the difference in RT is up to 0.2sec(!). But Luigi told me that RT is the vital part of the RACE and should stay to his opinion.
If underwater cameras are good I personally find more beauty and elegance in such movements. If you check photo shots on different swimming websites (including this one) you will find that most of them are caching the moments of flying, underwater, intensity on the blocks – all these moments that belonging to starting part of the race.
Do I appreciate perfectionism in style by itself? Yes I do, especially watching such swimmers as Ian Thorpe or Sun Yang*. Cannot say the same about sort distance swimming. Too much of white water, and too little time to get some joy ( especially if it is SC pool)


Sent you my email address, Yozhik.


@ThereaLuigi: Still didn’t get it. But there was a typo in my email address instead of
The correct email address is

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