Annus Horribilis For Sport? Not At All: The Untouchables Are Finally Being Tapped

Editorial: An annus horribilis for sport? Does that sum up 2015? No, actually, it has been a season of great news as light and the law reach into the darkest corners of world sport and governance that has allowed rogues to prosper

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Editorial: An annus horribilis for sport? Does that sum up 2015? No, actually, it has been a season of great news as light and the law reach into the darkest corners of world sport and governance that has allowed rogues to prosper


Lanfranco badia

The Iaaf, the Wada, suspects’ contour, the athletics criminal. A scenery horror very more depth and alarming than you seem. Now the World agency Anti-Doping, note the Wada, at the end of the investigation supervisionata from Dick Pound, ex head of the structure, lasted 11 months, you/he/she has asked, immediately backed up by the Iaaf, that Russia is sanctioned: if the Russian athletics won’t handle to do cleaning in the proper house, later fans her/it of dopati what you/he/she has exposed mockery to the public a whole sporting culture, you/he/she could be excluded by the neighbors great demonstrations. There is always a stained with side that dirt, when it speaks of doping, a side that doesn’t emerge, suffocated by the dimensions of certain resounding initiatives. They forget, the tireless investigators, to underline that if the national laboratories anti-doping of whatever country has been able to alter test, to hide truth and to foment predicaments, to grow and to launch athletes dopati in the world, apparently, clean, this has been possible for the scarce one or nothing, overseeing of the world government of the athletics, what time we know how to have been driven from an elegant gentleman, Foils Diack.under to which however, hidden behind the traditional suits and the beautiful words of façade, so turbid business were hidden by to make to turn pale, for vastness of contacts, even Joseph Blatter and its crew of pirates of the ball.

The high nobility of the awakening of the consciences is not believable if it originates from the same house that is stain of inactivity for years, fishing here and there, for you blow, for furies, never for system, faking not to see or applying the ashamed rules of the two weights and two measures, according to the power of whom was investigated. When it was clear that they were about to disqualify Linford Christieand the government of London, this yes officially senseless and officially involved, it threatened with withdrawing his/her athletes in the case to Seul in the 88, the British federatletica which proceeds to the exclusion. When last year clearly emerged that the laboratories anti-doping of Jamaica we never had, of fact, worked, the Iaaf had a wince of pride that was concretized in a miserable threat: “We come to find you the next winter.” As if it were permissible, on his/her behalf, to verify in whatever moment, without taking him he/she intrigues her/it to warn. The answer of the “heavy” Jamaican athletics has been: “You will come when we say.” And there the case is closed.The “pecked at”, in comparison to the presumed, or presumable amount, of athletes dopatis, are in the time a laughable number. The Russians have him indeed been like masters together with the Turks. But the quantity of sanctioned athletes doesn’t show anything, if not the thing in itself. Rather it shows, that the greatest part of the positive tests refer to characters that make use of ancient forbidden substances and therefore more easily traceable. Not that in other parts of the world, even with more disposition resources, other resounding deceptions are not produced. The impression is that frontally attaching an easy target as Russia, only acclaimed survivor, it looks like, of the legendary one “doping of state” of the years Seventy or Eighty thanks to which the countries of the east, and the Ddr, twisted particularly almanacs, and not only of the athletics (we think about the swimming), the Wada doesn’t do anything else other than, in the limits of the decency, to defend herself and to sketch a dignified exit from a was of overlapped scandals and of technical incapability in to face the novelties of the plaza, in this mortally connected to the Iaaf (the genetic doping, the doping of the nervous system, the cases of ermafroditismo, the matter of the paralimpicis and the prostheses).Easy to fling against an objective solo, difficult to oppose the authoritativeness of a federation that, do we put, does he/she prefer not to be annoyed (they will touch the Kenya?). Is the budget of the investigation of Pound puzzling but it is him/it as many the dark determination with which the investigators have isolated a country, allowing to suppose that in those famous test-tubes of the mystery, that unite years and different histories, cannot absolute gogna of the Iaaf of Diack, nest also others suspected, even unintentionally connected to the new course of Coe (as the Salazar case you/he/she has been filed?) and of the actual president of the Wada, also him English (Craig Reedie). Honest and believable, Coe nevertheless it trembles: you/he/she has not understood yet, his/her goodness, is not asked yet if its election has been one positive for the whole system or if, contrarily, he has not accepted to command a Titanic that is sinking under the weight of the “bombs” (international term for amazing substance…), above all if we also avoid to forget for for the 1984 Games the Iaaf driven by Primo Nebiolo it came accused to have covered nine cases of positiveness. Coe has said: “Russia risks.” But the Iaaf so also risks, welcoming an appeal to hide all the others as if badly the great one could be eradicated in base to the passport (and not that biological). The accusation of connivance of the politics in Moscow is moreover indimostrabile. If you/they must do cleaning you/they should go everywhere, without respects. And the fear is that they will never do him/it

clive rushton

Annus horribilis? Not at all. Much more annus mirabilis.

And, maybe, a tipping point has indeed been reached. I sense that it has. I truly hope it has. Flood gates opening, clear the decks, out with the old … Sports across the world need it. Swimming desperately needs it.

And I am sure there will be much darker, murkier, dirty, nasty swimming secrets that raise their ugly, festering heads over the next few months but they are festering sores which are better exposed so they can be disinfected rather than hidden to continue their insidious and toxic infiltration throughout the organism that is our sport.

Many will likely be more than festering sores and will need cutting out to save the rest of the organism. Good riddance to them.

The more revelations we see and the sooner we see them the better; best to ‘out’ all the poison and treat the cause rather than to ignore the symptoms in the hope that they will be seen as mere irritations.

As The Bard said, “If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well It were done quickly.”

And, boy oh boy, does it need ‘doing’?

It’s not good news for swimming in the short term but it is necessary news, therefore it’s good in the long term. A tainted past and a tarnished present can lead to a bright and clean future. Better to lance the boil, take the medicine – short, sharp shock and all that – than to continue down the tenured path of injustice, wickedness and sin which we tolerate at present.

Bring it!

Lawrie Cox

Well said Clive. Agree bring it on!

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