USA Breaststroker Kevin Cordes Shifting Training to Singapore and Sergio Lopez

Kevin Cordes, by Peter Bick

American breaststroker Kevin Cordes is moving to Singapore to work under the guidance of Sergio Lopez.

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American breaststroker Kevin Cordes is moving to Singapore to work under the guidance of Sergio Lopez.



Wow! I have great respect for Coach Lopez, so I generally think this is good news for USA; my only reservation is about the adjustment of living in Singapore, both because it is culturally so different and because he will not have much social support there.


Has Cordes ever trained with Sergio Lopez?

Knowing Singaporeans, my guess is that Cordes is being paid to train there.


@aswimfan: Kevin may know him and have trained with him briefly at some point, but he is from Illinois (through high school) and has been in Tucson at the U of Arizona since then. Frank Busch, who is now the President of USA Swimming, was Kevin’s coach during his freshman season.


i think Busch recruited Kevin but left before he actually coached him? not positive though.
The best to Kevin


He wants to “move forward” (meaningless cliche)…. let’s hope it’s quicker than than the 62.4 and 2:16 he travelled all the way to Canada to swim this weekend. (Must have money to burn). He’ll need to split the first of those times in a 200 and the other wouldn’t have made the B final in the GB championships would it?!

John Lohn

John, we’ll see what the future holds. The fact is he’s been 2:07-high and is very talented. Whether he can put it together for a big meet remains to be seen. However, the times from the Zajac meet are meaningless at this point. You should know that.


Only guy capable of stopping Peaty in Rio over 100

Craig Lord

Well, he’s got some work to do to get to that at 23, felixdangerpants: his best is 59.78, he has 3 sub-minutes on his count. To get to a 58 mid would be soaring stuff. Peaty, 17 sub-minutes, the bulk of them as a teenager, four 59 flat or better, one sub-58, from 2013, 14 and 15 seasons. You may be right but I haven’t seen anything that suggests your scenario likely as things stand.


I can only agree with Craig on this one. Making the final in the 100 would be already big for him, challenging Peaty, Van Den Burgh, Sprenger is highly unlikely.


This may or may not be a good move. A risky change only 1 year out.


Cordes meets criteria for USAS National Team full funding, which is $3500 a month for an athlete with no NCAA eligibility left. Add in some moderate sponsorship/suit money, and it’s probably enough to take advantage of the location and explore the bigger area if he’s outside the city center/has a roommate.

And with Sergio you get a world class coach with proven results, so that kindo f change might help keep him fresh in the sport.

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