Almost Half Of The 31 Beijing 2008 Adverse Findings Hail From Russia, Says Tass

Fourteen of the 31 athletes whose retested samples from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing produced adverse findings are Russian, according to Tass, the state agency.

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Fourteen of the 31 athletes whose retested samples from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing produced adverse findings are Russian, according to Tass, the state agency.



In 2012 Olympics, Russia won 8 golds, 4 silvers, and 5 bronzes from Athletics.

In light of this 2008 re-tested samples and continued systematic doping regime until last year as reported by ARD, one may wonder if any of those 2012 medals is clean.


My worry about all of this is the excess of focus on Russia, where there are obviously problems. What about China and the clenbuterol warnings and the doping that is going on everywhere. The authorities can ban Russia and say how they are winning the war on doping and how we’re moving forward while sweeping the rest, somewhat, under the carpet. I’m not saying that’s how it is, but just my concern. The U.S. authorities getting involved has a sense of cold war Olympic style about it.


Russian athletics has been particularly egregious for a decade plus now- honestly the worst program reputation of the 21st century and the known positives and number of athletes who turn in world leaders domestically but are mysteriously never selected for international meets. If they’d retested all the Russian athletics samples from Beijing instead of only the ones from athletes still on the WADA competition list, there probably would be even more positives. (Apparently the gold in women’s steeple is particularly suspicious)

In the most likely WTF? scheduled medal reassignment, let me be one of the first to offer congratulations to the 2008 gold medalists in the women’s 4×100 relay: Belgium. (And yes, there was a Borlee sister to go with the male triplets that make up so many of Belgium’s men’s relay squads)

As for the US, they are hardly perfect, but have shown a willingness to eat their own young in pursuit of fair sport and anti-doping efforts. It was internal/domestic investigations that ‘got’ Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones after all when many other countries would have fallen back on the line about how no one ever tested positive so they must have been clean.

kevin roose

Australias Jarred Talent was robbed of a gold medal in the mens 50 k walk by a drug cheat thankfully the I.O.C have decided to give him the gold


Jared Tallent may/could have been two time Olympics champion in 50 km. In 2008 he also finished second behind Italian Alex Schwazer, who failed doping test right before 2012 London.
Since Schwazer retired right after he was given the ban, his 2008 sample was not re-tested.


Hey aswimfan. The Italian drug cheat Schwazer is back in action. He won the main Olympic lead up race in Italy last week. He beat Tallent who finished second and by several minutes. And how will the Russian mens 4/100 free relay go in Rio? Make sure their samples are retested and stored.


Woww.. I didn’t know Schwazer is back in action.
I am so glad I am not a fanatic athletic fan as I am a swimming fan.

Steve Levy

Ger, I know it sounds like political posturing but the DOJ’s involvement is focused on the possibility of money laundering, tax havens, etc. They were quite successful at opening the doors of Swiss tax havens leading to a windfall of back tax collections.

Do not be surprised if the investigations lead to people who are part of the “Lausanne Cartel”…


Russian national doping team is being accused of doing sports.

Craig Lord

That can’t be right, Eugene: Impossible to accuse those who are doing doping of doing sport, for sporting it certainly is not.


Eugene and Mr. Lord: LOL! Thanks for summing up this entire scandal in the clearest and most entertaining manner I’ve read to date! 🙂

kevin roose

Jarred Talent actually came out in the media after the race against the Italian Schwazer and was quoted as saying how uncomfortable he was with him being in the race .
Talent went on to say mentally for him it was impossible to be in the right frame of mind for the race , just goes to show you how good he is still coming second .

Craig Lord

That speaks to the events surrounding Efimova and her rivals in Kazan last year, Kevin. Many athletes feel deeply uncomfortable when racing return dopers – it can be a serious mental challenge in the mix of elite performance, a side to doping that is often overlooked.


23 positives from London:

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