Allison Schmitt Mines Gold in 200 Free at Pan Ams; Upends Woodhead After 36 Years

Allison Schmitt of the USA - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Allison Schmitt won gold in the 200 freestyle at the Pan Ams, a major step in her return to the elite in the event, and finally erased Sippy Woodhead’s meet record after 36 years on the books.

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Allison Schmitt won gold in the 200 freestyle at the Pan Ams, a major step in her return to the elite in the event, and finally erased Sippy Woodhead’s meet record after 36 years on the books.



Very good news. What a waste of not having Allison to swim relay in Kazan. With Katie’s and Missy’s proved abilities to swim their legs under 1:54.5 Americans need just 1:57 fourth leg to bring another suit record down. Now we have to wait one more year.


John, was she tapered and does she plan to swim Nationals?

Bad Anon

The women’s 200back rankings on this site show multiple entries for swimmers particularly Ustinova and Bouchard ; if rankings were multiple entry I was expecting Hosszu to have the most but only her season best is listed, not sure if its an error or deliberate. Kindly look into it at your earliest possible convinience. Many thanks for keeping us up to date.

Craig Lord

Bad Anon, thanks. Those 2 profiles merged and I see no other duplicates right now. We don’t run a hand-written list, so to speak, as you may see elsewhere (with slower times above faster times on occasion 🙂 – we have a database, every elite heat, semis, final goes in. Meets often misspell/use alternative forms and when the data is loaded, a second, third, 4th etc profile is created for the same swimmer … the profiles are then merged. Spanish names are a joy – Mireia Belmonte appears on result sheets in at least seven different ways … 🙂 Daria K Ustinova is our reference name, for eg… to differentiate it from Daria S. Ustinova, but many meets enter both swimmers with precisely the same name. More than 20 years ago, Nick Thierry suggested to FINA that they have a swimmer ID number system (like Australia’s only worldwide) – that would solve the digital problem and make everyone’s lives easier when collating data for the sport. We discussed that in the FINA Press Commission meeting three times when I was there. I assume they’re getting on with it but not holding my breath.

Bad Anon

Thank you for a very prompt response 🙂


I am confused by the DQ issue in the 4×200. If a swimmer has taped up his fingers and it had not been approved by an official then it’s a DQ. If it had been approved, then why the DQ in the first place? And why didn’t an official tell him before the race to remove it as it was against the rules?

Bad Anon

The DQ was overturned and Team USA has been reinstated. I recall in Athens 2004 when Aaron Pierosol got a DQ that was overturned as well; I think USA certainly have the power to fight for their own


Day 2 finals can be viewed here:


I agree with Ger about the DQ fiasco.

Was the taped fingers pre-approved or not?
If it was, then why the DQ? If it wasn’t, then why the overturn?
Either way, it’s super bad officiating.


Great time by Kelsi Worrell in the 100 fly this am. 57.24. Lets hope she can back that up with a 56 second swim this PM.


USAS has been quiet about the DQ and why it was overturned. Best guess would be that they asked a neutral support medical person to tape up a broken finger ‘so he can still swim tonight’ and there was a lack of communication between the neutral support person medical room and the pool deck about the tape being medically approved.

A successful appeal typically goes back to some sort of ‘paperwork’ or bureaucratic issue (Perisol’s Olympic DQ was officially voided because it lacked dual written confirmation from the pool deck, IIRC) that is seen as an error in fact rather than an error of opinion- ie. the opinion that a stroke or turn was illegal in the eyes of the judge.

As for names, a universal ID system would not only make it easier for the long and sometimes variable Spanish and Portuguese names we see but also help track those who decide to change names upon marriage since this is no longer the sport of teenagers and all.

John Lohn

Yozhik, I believe she will be at Nationals since NBAC will be in attendance. And I think there is reason to believe she can be as fast, if not quicker, due to her ability to race fast at both U.S. Trials and Olympic Games, a similar gap in time.


Thank you John for spending your valuable time on my request.


Just read recently that Schmitt set her best times in yards this spring. So it can be another indications that she is back. On the other hand I was surprised to find out, that Ledecky’s 200 yards best time was moved from sixth fastest performances in history to 11th thanks Franklin, Schmitt and (you won’t believe it) Manuel. Since Simona is hardly breaking 2 minutes in LCM it may indicate that Franklin’s record in yards isn’t that meaningful in LCM. Just couple weeks left to see. Cannot wait 🙂

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