Adam Peaty The Pioneer: 57.92 100m Breast WR 91Yrs After Tarzan Took Free That Way

World record & Pioneer Adam Peaty in London, 2015 - by Gian Mattia D'Alberto / lapresse

Adam Peaty, the 20-year-old from Derby who shot to prominence last year with Commonwealth and European titles, went one stroke further in London this evening: in 57.92, he not only broke the world record in the 100m breaststroke but shattered it as the first man inside 58

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Adam Peaty, the 20-year-old from Derby who shot to prominence last year with Commonwealth and European titles, went one stroke further in London this evening: in 57.92, he not only broke the world record in the 100m breaststroke but shattered it as the first man inside 58



Incredible show. And he dragged Murdoch to an impressive time too. Peaty is getting to the stage where he will put so much time into the breaststrokers from other leading nations that the GB Medley team is going to be a real threat.
He could put 1.5 seconds or more into the US for example. Given Walker-Hebburn’s improvement, the Brits could be a second up at halfway…


A truly staggering performance from Peaty!! Murdoch did 59.13 and was made to look like a second rater!! Awesome!


Incredible!!!! Awesome performance by Peaty.

James Parrack

Hats off to Adam and Mel. That is an unbelievable performance. We watch in awe.


Amazing that his 50 split is faster than anyone else has been this year for the sprint distance.
He might threaten his WR for the 50 in the TT tomorrow.


26.2, calling it


I wrote this already elsewhere, I would compare this swim, in terms of how far ahead the rest of the world it puts him, to the 47.8 PVDH clocked in Sidney in the 100 free


Peaty takes no pity!
Just wonder if he blasts a 56.99 in a Medley relay and it s all over for most of the teams.

judging from his improvement in 100(0.76), sounds about right.But don’t be surprised if he lowers that.His start is better than Cielo.


Bear in mind that the 50 is a straight final in the morning, so may not be as quick as you expect.


26.5 & Cordes is capable of swimming a super quick relay split, low 58


A fabulous article about a fabulous swimmer, I think we all knew the record would go this year but not this soon by that margin wow doesn’t come close, he obviously had a real work ethic and a fabulous coach. I for one am excited to see what the future holds for him


Amazing time.

GB are emerging as medley relay contenders. With Peaty’s advantage on the field they’re probably already favourites over the first three legs – pressure is on the freestylers to step up.


Adam Peaty is a beast!!! Bow down to him… Great Britain is going to have a killer medley relay team with him and walker-Hebborn front loading that team!


I do hope Barrett has his relay super powers they will be a real force to be reckoned with



Clive Rushton

Great philosophy and attitude from Mel. Well done girl!


I’ve felt sorry for Mel Marshall for so many years after her Athens disappointment. I was happy to read she wouldn’t change a thing. Well done both!


Please.. Can someone show me if there’s a video of this incredible swim on the Web?
If not, British Swimming needs to get their act together.

We all knew Peaty would be the man to go first under 58, but I think most, including me, didn’t think it would be this early (although his 2:08 should have given us some warning).

Thanks to Peaty, men’s 200 breaststroke is again ahead of women’s 100 backstroke when it comes to pioneering and crossing the seconds.


Based on the percentage improvement, the only way this swim is denied Swim of the Year if Cate swims sub 52, or someone breaks w200 free WR or Ledecky goes 3:56

Let’s face it, none of those ain’t gonna happen so let’s just crown this the Swim of the Year.


Thanks to Peaty, men’s 200 breaststroke is again ahead of women’s 100 backstroke when it comes to pioneering and crossing the seconds.

Obviously I meant men 100 breaststroke


Peaty the Pioneer, indeed.

Bill Bell

Ok Ne. Lied, let’s test your memory.

We al know Adrian set wrs at Seoyl and I gyess @ Perth in ’81 or the 1990 CGs.

But WHZo us kast Vritush swimmer to set a world-record in a British pool?

Dare say ut’s been more than a few mons. Maybe 2Wiljue at ’64 Comnibweakth Ganes but if copse even if he dud then he was Swimmjng fir Scitland!

Craig Lord

On 16 March 2009, Joanne Jackson 400m free WR… Bill

Bill Bell

V/good. And I see from your story Adrian did it at Crystal Palace at British Nationals. I hadn’t thought about a national-championships meet. Siliy me!

One further note on He wouldn’t have been what he became w/out having gone to Berserkeley !

Bill Bellhoe

How ‘ bout when Ledecky goes 1:45plus, 3:45 plus, 7:50-plus — ALL en route to a 14:45-plus 1500 @ Kazan?

Which one will be Swim of Year?

Or Phelps going 48-plus 100 fly there?


the men,s 100 meters breastroke world record is now faster than the women,s 100 meters backstroke world record which is nuts.the breaststroke is supposed to be the slowest stroke while the backstroke is the second fastest stroke after the freestyle bcos both freestyle and backstroke are long axis strokes(which makes them
faster) while the butterfly and breaststrokes are short axis strokes(which makes them slower) .adam peaty is the bomb.truely amazing.


Here’s the tight race between men 100 breast and women 100 back:

First under 1:05
1:04.94 Nobutaka Taguchi August 30, 1972
1:04.99r Ulrike Richter September 4, 1973

First under 1:04
1:03.30 Ulrike Richter August 23, 1974
1:03.88 John Hencken August 31, 1974

First under 1:03
1:02.98 Ulrike Richter September 1, 1974
1:02.86 Gerald Mörken August 18, 1977

First under 1:02
1:01.62 Kornelia Ender June 3, 1976
1:01.65 Steve Lundquist July 29, 1984

First under 1:01
1:00.86 Rica Reinisch July 23, 1980
1:00.95 Károly Güttler August 3, 1993

First under 1:00
59.97 Roman Sloudnov June 29, 2001
59.58 Natalie Coughlin August 13, 2002

First under 59
58.97 Natalie Coughlin July 1, 2008
58.91 Kosuke Kitajima August 11, 2008

First under 58
57.92 Adam Peaty April 17, 2015
xx.xx ??????? ?????? (Missy? Seebohm? Nielsen? Wilson? others?)


The east german ladies truly distorted what would have been the natural progression of the women 100 back WR.

Ulrich Richter completely utterly destroyed WR in a series of swim from 1:05.6 to 1:02.98 in a little more than a year (18 August 1973 to 1 September 1974).

The unnatural progression of women WRs by the east german ladies were exposed when it took 22 years to get from first under 1:01 (1980) to first under 1:00 (2002), while for the men it took only 8 years (1993 to 2001).

Now the balance has been restored (which was derailed again during 2008-2009) wher e the m100 breast is ahead of w100 back just as Taguchi and Sloudnov were pioneering.

I expect w100 back to close the gap if not this year then in Rio.


Great analysis of the progression aswimfan.. Love it!

The women are ahead in the 200m distance though

Peter McMullen

I appreciate the comparison of men’s 100 breast to women’s 100 back. Pretty tight race! 57.92… it feels nice just to type that. What an achievement!


Amazing swim, worthy of the highest recognition this year, i know we have lots more to go for 2015. He and Ledecky of late take the mantle for mine. Wouldn’t be surprised it takes 57 to win both the mens 100m breast and womens 100m back in Rio. Time enough for competitors to up their performance.


A S T O N I S H I N G !!!


Peaty unsurprisingly not going too fast in a morning time trial – 27.09

Bad Anon

In the women’s 100back I’ll put my money on Franklin as the first to go sub 58, if not in Kazan definitely in Rio


i put my money on seebohm to go sub 59 in the women,s 100 back.


seebohm to go sub 58.


Fabulous! I called a WR a few weeks ago to my family; did not expect it to be this fast! I thought 58 low: 58.2 or so!
My prediction for Rio: Peaty of course: 57.69


Amazing swim!!! Peaty *and* Murdoch. British breastroking looks in awesome shape.

Any word why there was no TV, streaming or even YouTube coverage of the event (except post race interviews)?

Craig Lord

nclswim – the swim will be posted on British swimming youtube… British swimming have no headline sponsor right now and the costs of hiring London 2012 are high, so some things got cut, is my understanding of things…


HD footage (who the hell still records in 240p!?):

Never knew he’s from Uttoxeter (have relatives there). Great little market town. Sure they’re very proud of him 🙂

Also… no longer any controversy over the WR. Result!



Thank you for the link. Much much better quality than the previous 240p clip LOL.

Amazing turn, and astonishing relentless second 50. Great power and very very high turn over and fast recovery.

Really, unless he is injured, I can’t see anyone else win Kazan and Rio.


And oh yeah.. Brits are certainly reserved in their celebration


Thanks Craig – hopefully swims like this will encourage a new sponsor soon.

JMott76 – thanks for the link. Great video!


Biggest one-swim drop in the men’s 100 breast LC WR since 1973. Incredible.


Craig, the official footage released by British Swimming is embarrassing. It appears to be an attempt to appeal to some kind of audience, though I’m not sure what kind (certainly not swimmers)! In doing so it misses the bit right before the start, the turn and any of the reactions immediately after the race (in the water)!

nclswim – If British Swimming can’t seem to edit a video to show the whole race, I can’t imagine a sponsor would be willing to pay for it! I think the best thing they could have done would be to maintain a live stream, which then allows media to show bits of it! Even if its just a single camera viewpoint (like in their official footage), its better than nothing! Having things like this available to main stream media will inevitably lead to things like the British Championships being shown on TV (even if it is “just” ITV4 or BBC Red Button in the UK) in the future.

Craig Lord

Fishi, Nick Hope, BBC, carried the whole race here:
(Thos in UK can see the picture as a video…)

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