Adam Peaty Rips Up Reputations With 2:08.34 Win Ahead Of Willis, Murdoch & Jamieson

Thumbs up from Adam Peaty by Gian Mattia D'Alberto / lapresse

So, you start 2014 “unknown” in world waters, you start 2015 as a man with a big reputation for sprinting, crowns European and Commonwealth in the bag – and then you go and spoil it all for some of the swiftest 200m men with reputations of their own to defend. Who would dare? Adam “no respecter of reputations” Peaty, that’s who. 2:08.34 win; podium inside 2:09; Britain goes 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the season world rankings

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So, you start 2014 “unknown” in world waters, you start 2015 as a man with a big reputation for sprinting, crowns European and Commonwealth in the bag – and then you go and spoil it all for some of the swiftest 200m men with reputations of their own to defend. Who would dare? Adam “no respecter of reputations” Peaty, that’s who. 2:08.34 win; podium inside 2:09; Britain goes 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the season world rankings



I bet some of the scottish swimmers wish Scotland had separated from GBR


Haha too true. Until fairly recently that would’ve been worthy of a world championship final. It baffles me how Australia can be so good at so many events yet not have a single male 200 breaststroker.


World Record on alert in the 100breast


Amazed by Peatys performance , 2:08.3 while being more of a sprinter is ridiculous !!! Have a feeling that he might break the 100m WR at this meet..


Can he be the first man under 58??


Yes Rafael 27/30. He can do that


adam peaty is the bomb. australia needs to find good breaststrokers and fast. britains medley relay is shaping up just fine.if ben proud puts up a solid time in the freestyle in this meet then they could be the favourates for the gold in kazan.chris walker hebborn,s backstroke was solid,a 52.88.


Unless Sprenger gets back to the same level as 2013, Australia can forget about even making the final on the med relay


So glad at the improvement of the GBR team past few years. Hope Peaty concentrate on 50 and 100 and Murdoch will get a place in the 200m breast. 57sec in 100 is very possible for peaty as long as he didnt do the ‘long-glide’ at the finish again..:)


Robbos give me 8 nations that will keep Larkin Sprenger (let’s just say 59.7 & he will be quicker than Packard come Kazan) Hadler Magnussen out of the final.

USA, France, Britain, Japan, China, Russia, Brasil all very strong. I’m not seeing an 8th nation that will beat that team.



Australia CANNOT forget about making m4x100 Medley final. Tell me which are the eight countries that will be faster than Australia in the prelims?
But for sure Australia CAN forget about medaling in the event. It has been awhile since Australia did not medal in m4x100 Medley.

Funny thing, while m200 breast is GBR absolute best event, it is Australia’s absolute worst event.

And this result, again, is a very strong argument for 3 swimmers per country rule for world championships, provided they meet the time.

I mean, Murdoch swam 2:08.90 and not allowed (if Peaty does not withdraw from the event) to go to Kazan, while some XXX swimmer from YYY country will swim there even though he’s never swum under 2:15 in his entire life! (FINA B is 2:16.32).
As Whitney Houston would have said “that is WHACK!”

Let slow swimmers from more countries swim at the Olympics, and let world’s fastest swimmers swim at the world championships!

Viva la Bang

Australian women sprinters are in the same position, 5th place in the 100m free would have won the British trials!


I noticed that Viva, Mel Wright actually touched on the situation with the women’s 100 Free on Twitter, you have to feel for that woman… Olympic 4th (?) placer and she can’t get an individual swim.

Interestingly, no Australian man would have made the 200BR final at British Trials… 2.12.47 for Schafer, last through in Britain was Spoor in 2.12.38.

Bill Bell

Twenty-seven going out in a hundred too fast to sustain, even for Van Der b bbyrgh. Twenty- eight iutm twenty- nine coming home and there’s your 57, like Grainger in 400″. Right w/ Guy at 300 meters but couldn’t keep up pace. And Gut!s 2;50-plus going out…he paid price coming home. Thorpe ge ain’t — yet!


Well Guys you did mention 7 countries, what about Sth Africa, not sure about their backstroke leg. Ok Aussies should make the final, sorry, was more getting at for Australia to be competitive we need Sprenger to be at his best.


Italy on the medley as the 8th team? Sabbioni gives them a great lead off now… Scozzoli & Orsi… Codia has split 51s on the fly leg..

Australia will need Sprenger back.


simone sabbioni italy,s new backstroke superstar is a tenager,he just broke the italian record in the 100 meters backstroke


his time was 53.49

Craig Lord

roy, the report was posted within 10mins of the end of events in Italy yesterday:


Australia flat start
Back 53.1
Breast 1:00
Fly 51.7
Free 47.5

On paper, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Italy are not ahead of Australia.
On paper, only USA, Japan, China, and France that are ahead.



Australia will need Sprenger to be at his BEST if Australia want to medal.

But to final, Packard or Sprenger not at his best would suffice.



Give me the flat start times of Italy line up, and we’ll see if they’re ahead of the Australia lineup I listed above (where I didn’t even put Sprenger’s and Magnussen’s best times).

Unless Australia makes a stupid blunder like what they did in 2013 Barcelona during men 4×200 prelims, their m4x100 medley should be safe to final.


“On paper, only USA, Japan, China, and France that are ahead”

Obviously I forgot to add GBR


Yes, Australia *should* be safe… But, it never works out that way and they are on the cusp. Also, lucky you didn’t list their best times as Magnussen hasn’t looked the same since his 47.1 and I doubt he’ll see within .4 of that time again.

For Italy, it all depends on which Fabio Scozzoli shows up… He was only 60.6 in 2014 but was regularly 59 before that.

Sabbioni – 53.4
Scozzoli – 59.4
Codia – 52.3/Rivolta – 51.6
Orsi – 48.1

As I said, if the Italian’s show up.. they are fast! A lot relies on form.. Australia should make it, I was just offering up a team who has 3.32/3.33 potential which would clip Australia should one of the swimmers perform poorly.



You are making a lot of concessions with the Italians using their best times, but disallow the Australians using their best times.

Even if Italy would clip Australia, what is the probability of Italy, Brazil, South Africa and Russia all clip Australia in the prelims.


And my splits have shown you that even if all Italians show their best during prelims (is it very likely?), they STILL would not beat Australia not on their best.


thanks for the link craig,i think the medley relay on the men,s side will be competitive in 2016.


Not at all – My comment regarding Magnussen was realism. Do you really believe he’ll go 47.1 ever again? No, otherwise you would have used 47.1 as the time… Most of the times in that race were a lot faster than what the swimmers have managed since.. Roberts & Targett did not touch their times again either.

I did point out it was all about form for Italy – But the speed is there.. that is without a doubt. That was the entire point.


Australia is probably safe, unless they make some mistake.. and they don´t have a huge margin..

the situation right now is that at least one of the top nations will miss finals based on the prospects

We have US, Australia, Russia, Hungary, Italy, GB, France, JPN, China, Brazil, maybe Germany who can go at least 3:34 even 3:33.

Last year at worlds a 3:34:91 could qualify for finals.. Britain and China are stronger now, same for Italy. Brazil won´t make the mistake of using de Deus and Santos on back and fly, among other things.. so any top team who goes too easy on prelims or make any mistake can be out of final easily..


1. Orsi just swam 48.50 yesterday (and you put up 48.1)

2. Scozzoli just swam 27.80 yesterday…waayyyy slower than his best, and he is better in 50 than in 100
(by the way, when did the last time Scozzoli go under 1:00? Meanwhile Sprenger swam 58 last year, and no doubt he will be faster in Kazan than he was two weeks ago after more training time, while Packard is still young and will improve).

3. Rivolta swam that 51.6 at 2013 barcelona, which is two years ago, while Hadler swam that 51.6 just two weeks ago.

Italy may clip Australia if at least two Australian legs perform poorly while all Italians perform their best.


“Like I said, if the Italians show up” – You asked for 8 countries which could be faster than Australia… I mentioned Italy! I never said they would, I said it was a possibility should they show up.

I did point out that is was reliant on one of the Aussies swimming poorly, which to be fair with Larkin and Hadler in the squad isn’t unlikely.. I am unconvinced by both on the world stage, although Larkin improved swimming internationally last year.

Italian fan

@aswimfan&others: If there aren’t clear differences, preview about medley relay is difficult, because the event is the last one of the Champs (Worlds or Olympics), and a lot depends on freshness and relative great or bad performances of every swimmer in the relay.

Anyway, just for fun, a comparison between Italy and Australia.

Backstroke. I can tell that Sabbioni is a real deal: not yet 19 and he’s improving his record year after year. Yesterday swam 53.49 with flat start. He’s also very solid from a mental point of view. On the chart , now and perhaps also next summer a small (but very small) advantage for Larkin. Next year ?

Breaststroke. Scozzoli suffered a severe physical trouble two years ago and he’s recovering his fitness. He was born in ’89, so he’s still young enough to swim under 60″ again already next summer. Small advantage for Italy here.

Fly. This afternoon is going to be the final of 100 fly at the Italian Champs. Anyway, I think that both Codia and Rivolta may swim under 52″ and particularly Codia is a man who can perform very well in the relay. No advantage for Australia (Hadler or D’Orsogna) nor Italy.

Free. Orsi swam 48.1 with flat start last december, and he’s another that can perform great in the relay.
Small advantage for Australia (Magnussen or McEvoy).

So, on the chart, a small advantage for Australia that could be easily reverse with the real performances the last day of competition.

Italian fan

Slight correction..

Considering the disappointing performances today at the Italian Champs, particularly from Scozzoli, and the 52.0 from Rivolta (52.1 from Codia), NOW, on chart, Australian medley relay in not so small advantage vs Italy..


I love the relays, it gives swimming which is a predominately not a team sport it’s team element. I think the head coaches love the relays too.
I think the Aussies are fairly competitive (as should be, as one of the world’s swimming super powers) in all the relays with the men’s medley most exposed. The 4×100 mens has potential but no depth.

Viva la Bang

You never know, as we all know upsets and DQs often happen in swimming, Its all about who performs on the day, Personally I think the Aussies will be in the mix, and with another 3months of training Sprenger could go a 58 in the medley!


Funny how you guys consider France. flat start from 2015:
Stravius 53.4
Perez-Dortona 1.00.3
Metella 51.7
Gilot 48.5
Aussies, GB or Italy are in front. France is just good enough to deal with China to try to make the final.


Anan, just consider the last perfomances of France in relays in the last few years (2012 and 2013)…you’d never give them a chance, but a relay is a lot more than an addition of individual times.Ask Australia freestyle relay,no podium in 2012 and 2013 !!!!!!


Yes pierreago, that’s what makes relay so interesting and Rowdy Gaines wrong in 2008 and 2013….

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