Adam Peaty Extends World Ranks Lead With 26.88 Dash At British Uni Champs In Sheffield

Adam Peaty [by Arena]

Adam Peaty extended his spot at the top of the 50m breaststroke world rankings with a time of 26.88 at the BUCS Championships in Sheffield

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Adam Peaty extended his spot at the top of the 50m breaststroke world rankings with a time of 26.88 at the BUCS Championships in Sheffield


So Cal Swimmer

Adam is only going to get better and better and better. He may very well be the man to swim into the 57s by Rio! Cannot wait!

Bad Anon

He has a very smooth technique and should now be focussing on the 100. Missy Franklin is more likely to swim a 57s 100back than for any man to do that 100breast.


Men 100 breaststroke was first yo go sub 1:00 when Sloudnov did it in 2001, while w100 back was in 2002 by Coughlin.

Although right now w100 back textile record is faster with Seebohm’s 58.23 while m100 breast is at 58.46 eventhough De Burgh was helped with extra flykicks.

There’s a good chance both events’ first 57 could be done next year.


Can someone clarify what the dolphin-kick rule for breaststroke actually is? Just one, I thought. When I used to swim, ANY movement, resulted in disqualification.

While the clearly visible three kicks of VDBurgh and Sprenger in London final should have resulted in DQs, I have noticed that there is now a trend of the double kick, most blatantly employed by Hosszu at Doha WCs. Watch the 400 IM, for instance.

Why aren’t these enforced? And why not consistently and fairly enforced?

I will never accept inflated gold/silver standards of London: clear visual analysis shows that Hansen was the fastest non-cheater in the field.


I think what people forgot is that Peaty was still a teenager last year – His rate of improvement is remarkable (62. at the start of 2013) whereas Franklin has plateaued a little recently. I’d be tempted to say Seebohm is the more likely to break Spofforth’s World mark. Usually her 50 or 200 are off pace, but In the past 2 years both of them have been on point.. that can only be good for her 100.

If Peaty can tidy up the technical aspects of his race off the walls, he will go 57. either this year or next year – We saw at World SC how poor that aspect of his race was, he lost far too much ground at the turns but was a 1/2 a metre faster than the rest per 25…

Extraordinary talent.

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