About Us

Welcome to SwimVortex. We’re glad you’re aboard our new vessel for elite aquatic sports and hope you’ll stay with us on the long voyage we’re charting.

Our new platform is the sequel for our coverage at SwimNews based on the plans Craig Lord, Editor of SwimVortex, had been working on with SwimNews founder and proprietor Nick Thierry and our technical team at the time of his passing in Autumn 2012.

The father of the world rankings is no longer with us, but the legacy of what he stood for lives on. You can expect us NOT to claim to be the biggest, the best, the deepest, the fastest, the brightest or most bubbly swimming site, nor will we make claims to being the ‘only’, the most independent and so on. Hard to think of any claim made by anyone along those lines without it raising a hefty degree of doubt or prompting a chuckle.

What we can promise is to do our very best at:

  • covering elite, world-class swimming
  • capturing the colour of a fabulous sport brimming with personalities, high achievers and role models for the wider world
  • spending most of our time in the light while never being afraid to look into the shadows, at issues of anti-doping, criminal behaviour and at those who seek to deceive or hide any habits that work against fair play and transparency.
  • campaigning for clean sport, for without it there is no point

We aim to provide quality coverage and to develop a school of writers who will bring you news and views from the water, below the surface on the way to race day, at the surface when athletes test themselves and their programs, and beyond that moment as measurement spills from the clock to the history book, the pace of progress placed in context.

The work of Craig Lord and Karin Helmstaedt, the last of the team at SwimNews to work on a daily basis with Nick Thierry, will be supported by a team of technical experts.

Rankings and results will support our reports, news and views, what you see today the view from the harbour as we push off from shore on our new adventure.

We will keep you updated on the changes ahead as we move into wider waters, some of them uncharted.

If you have news or information on a meet you would like us to cover, results you would like to send in, an advertisement you would like to place with us or have a question about this site please go to Contact and use the appropriate e-mail address to get in touch.


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