A Tuneup 8:16.40 in 800 Freestyle Shows Katie Ledecky Storming Toward World Champs

Katie Ledecky shows her feelings after her world-record form [Photo: Peter Bick]

In a tuneup for the upcoming World Championships, Katie Ledecky unloaded a time of 8:16.40 in the 800 freestyle.

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In a tuneup for the upcoming World Championships, Katie Ledecky unloaded a time of 8:16.40 in the 800 freestyle.


Personal Best

4:06 at 400, faster than many can go all out, wow.

kevin roose

An absolute superstar and will be unstoppable 400/800/1500 …….at worlds

Viva la Bang

The race is on for silver and bronze!

Viva la Bang

Yes and coming home in 4.10, she is just training!


Looks like she swam the first 400 very fast,a 4:06 then lost some strength in the last 400. A time of 8:16 is still crazy good. I don,t think she was swimming it as if she was training. I think she swam it as well as she possibly could on the day.
It,s hard to tell if she,ll break more world records but even if she doesn’t, her current records will stand for a very long time.


Well yes, the race is for silver for Belmonte, Carlin, Boyle, Ashwood and Runge. I think those five are legitimate minor medal candidates.

And yes again, that 8:11 even if not broken by her this summer or ever, will last for a long time.


jazz Carlin,s problem is her turns. In the 400 and 800 frees, she travels through the water at a similar speed to ledecky but loses just over a second of each of her turns.




Ironically the most technically difficult distance in Ledecky’s repertoire is the one that brought her a glory – 800m. At this distance unprecedented Ledecky perfectly fits statistics of personal best improvement for elite swimmers. The best time that we can expect from her so far is 8:09.3 – 8:09.7. This time is the time of hypothetical race constructed of her best start, best pace and best finish taken from different 800 -1500 races during last 1.5 years. She was never able to combine at least two of those factors in one race. Reaching this limit and further improvement may happen if at one nice lucky race everything comes together – good mood, good feelings, nice rest, convenient competitors, schedule and pool, perfect splits.


The sad thing is that she will probably never swim an 800 free completely fresh and tapered as its usually placed at the end of international meets, but with Ledecky’s superhuman abilities, I doubt it would make much of a difference 😀

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