Zsuzsanna Jakabos & Gergely Gyurta Deliver Top Efforts As Hungarian Nationals Begin

Zsuzsanna Jakabos of Hungary
Zsuzsanna Jakabos of Hungary - courtesy of Arena

Zsuzsanna Jakabos and Gergely Gyurta produced the top points performances on the opening day of the Hungarian Championships in Gyor. Jakabos clocked 4:39.03 for victory in the 400m medley for the win over a 4:39.36 from Reka Gyorgy, the bronze close at hand, Boglarka Kapas on 4:40.25. For Kapas, the long medley was a warm-up…

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There is no Hosszu?
I am mightily surprised.

Or am right in thinking that Hosszu already automatically qualified for Rio due to her being World Champion?
How does Hungarian Olympics selection work?


Hosszu swimming in Mesa this week ASF.


Julia Sebastian? The argentinian breaststroker? She is in Rio de Janeiro!

Geza Szabo

There are no Olympic trials in Hungary. As far as I know the (1 or 2) swimmers with the best times qualify as long as they have made the (FINA) Olympic cut time. You can make the cut at any approved meets, but you have to make sure you have the best (or second best) time by the end of the qualifying period.

Kim Simonsen

To aswimfan: Hosszu swam the olympic qualification standards (A) in Kazan, so she is already qualified, like Gyurta and Cseh to.


Kim simonsen,

What if more than one swimmers better the times Hosszu swam in Kazan?
Unlikely, I know, but it’s not impossible.
So who’s going to go to Rio?

Craig Lord

They’d take the ER 4:29 from this season as the benchmark and other swims that have KH at the helm of pace in most women’s events in Hungary, aswimfan.

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