Yuliya Efimova Back In; FINA Under Fire For Lack Of Clarity; Mutko Praises WADA

Yuliya Efimova at the London 2012 Olympic Games before her troubles began - will she be in Rio? - by Patrick B. Kraemer

FINA, the international governing body, is coming under fire over its lack of clarity in the case of Yuliya Efimova, the once-banned-for-a-steroid but twice-shy-of-a-full-ban swimmer who’s provisional suspension has been lifted pending a hearing

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KP Mohan

This whole case has become confusing. Is WADA analyzing each and every meldonium positive and advising international federations to lift provisional suspensions? Why is FINA silent if a provisional suspension is being lifted? There should be no secrecy about such matters. How come CAS is to decide this case even before FINA disciplinary panel has met or decided on her second doping infraction? Or has it already ruled on this case and she had appealed to CAS?

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