Yuliya Efimova Heads Back To California Training After FINA Lift Prov. Suspension

Russian Yuliya Efimova [photo: Patrick B. Kraemer]

Yulia Efimova**, the Russian swimmer who has tested positive for more than one banned substance in the past three years, including an anabolic steroid listed on the label of the product she bought and consumed, has returned to California and will soon be training with coach Dave Salo’s University of California/Trojan program in Los Angeles according to her agent

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I have no more respect for Dave Salo.

He may be great coach, and he may have great facade that he promotes clean sport and that he may be boastful how he is against even supplements.

But facts are different. No other coach in the past 10 years have had more swimmers tested positive for banned substances than Dave Salo has.

And now he is giving another refuge to Efimova after training her during the first ban?

I am glad there is still swimming publication like Swimvortex and Swimming World that are taking strong, clean line against doping in swimming.


So, is that the all clear for Rio?


The thing that irked me to no end is that Efimova didn’t have to go cross the line to be as successful as she has. She is really talented and even I knew that since the first time I saw her as 15 or 16 yo winning gold in 2008 Euro.

Craig Lord

No – the case is still open, Ger.


Is this unprecendented? Has anyone else ever been un-suspended when their case was still pending?

Craig Lord

Good question Kat. I can’t recall such a case but then the whole meldonium issue is uncharted … there may well be a reason why the lift was required for a legal process to proceed… we shall see.

Kim Simonsen

Has Mellouli and Jessica Hardy also not trained under David Salo?

Bad Anon

Outrageous doesn’t even come close… This is madness. A double cheat being unsuspended is a blow to clean sport. Very sad day in swimming


With the suspension lifted, bypassing the Doping Panel, does adjudication come quicker? CAS was the likely destination of many cases, especially with a case of weak knees from WADA and perhaps FINA. If this means swift resolution that may be a good thing.

It seems that the world of swimmers and coaches believes Efimova should not be cleared and not in Rio. Is there a patron saint of fairness or justice?


Is it a case of weak knees by WADA or a case that WADA have gone “bull at a gate” and sought to make headlines for themselves before having a watertight case together with regards to this substance ?

The fact that they’ve been having to engage reverse gear and backtrack in recent months strongly suggests the latter.

Sadly, they are proving themselves every bit as incompetent and politically motivated as most every other sporting institution these days which is regrettable as this is an institution whose probity and competence in which competitors, other institutions and the public should have confidence.

clive rushton

According to another place ” the case will bypass the FINA Doping Panel and go straight to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)”. That sounds like they’re trying to get her cleared and back in the shortest possible time. Sharapova is still suspended. Why does Efimva get special treatment?


Efimova gets the special treatment because she needs to be able to train at Trojan swimming club.

Craig Lord

The CAS case is not listed as yet, if CAS it is to be, Clive. If she returns, time for the sport, coaches, swimmers to protest at the injustice of justice if that is what CAS decides is reasonable – for, of course, it would be no such thing.
Meanwhile, the CAS hearings list includes no reference to Efimova nor meldonium cases:
Perhaps they will announce schedule soon…

Stephen Swimming

Fair play to John Rudd.

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