Yannick Agnel’s Pathway Beyond The Pool: Education & Swapping Sadness For Laughter

Yannick Agnel, French pioneer moving on from the pool - by Patrick B. Kraemer

“I’m starting a more normal life. The other project I would like to do is to help people who are less fortunate than me, to give myself fully to help those who, alas, laugh less. It will take the time it takes.” – Yannick Agnel. A tribute to a man moving on

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I’m just so happy for his anchor leg at the end of the 4×100 free relay in London. He got France back what they deserved.
Also remember him swimming on lane 8 in 2009 in the final of 100 free at French nationals in a speedo….when everybody was wearing X-glides and Jakeds. Great athlete he was.

Craig Lord


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