Yannick Agnel Says ‘I Think I’m Done’; Frenchman Off In Search Of A New Flame

Yannick Agnel, French pioneer moving on from the pool - by Patrick B. Kraemer

In one of the last in-depth interviews of Yannick Agnel’s career, he spoke to reporter Sabrina Knoll about a time of turbulence, why he left Nice and mentor Fabrice Pellerin and how the death of former teammate Camille Muffat blew new perspective into his life. That interview forms the basis of the article that follows

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Moving words about Muffat. Whatever he does, my best wishes to him.

Thomas Trabaries

Camille Muffat still had lot of respect to Fabrice Pellerin even after stopping her carrier.
Fabrice Pellerin was not evil and Agnel even if he’s a great champion is not as a person 100% perfect like all of us.


Sjostrom – Oleksiak – Vollmer


Oleksiak WOW. This girl is going supernova

Vollmer amazing return

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