Xin Xin Takes Setubal 10km A Touch Ahead Of Keri-Anne Payne & Her 3rd Olympics Ticket

Keri-anne Payne and Britain teammate Jack Burnell in Hong Kong on the way to Olympic season (photo, courtesy of British Swimming)

Xin Xin of China roared through the field to claim victory in the last-chance-saloon Olympic marathon qualifier off the coast of Portugal today just ahead of Olympic medallist and two-imes world champion Keri-Anne Payne, of Britain, whose silver medakl will make Rio 2016 her third Games.

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Intelligent cool headed swim from Keri Anne Payne. Stayed tucked in just inside the top 10 for most of the race then made her move the last 1.5KM. So Mireia can now focus all of her preparation on the pool now. That’s probably a good thing.


Xin Xin takes setubal……….Is that a 2 year ban?

kevin roose

Great to see 2 Aussies in the top 9 place getters and therefore qualify for Rio.

Craig Lord

Kevin, only one per nation can qualify at the last-chance saloon. Only those who got two past the cut in Kazan will have 2 swimmers in the race.

Craig Lord

We’d have to wait a year, a slap on the wrist and a lot of back room bargaining to find that out if Setubal was on the banned list, Ger 🙂 However, it being a place I know very well, having lived not far from there in some of my formative years, I’m confident (which is what her name means, I believe) Xin Xin will be clear to go


This open water Olympics selection is among the most ridiculous selection process I’ve ever seen.
You get some of the world’s fastest open water swimmers not going to Rio because their country successfully qualified (ONLY) one swimmer at world championships, and hence not given the rights to qualify more. And then you get countries like Australia who have two swimmers finished in the top 8 of this event, but only one will go to Rio. And then you have Malaysian swimmer Heidi Gan who finished 18th as well as Reem Kasem of Egypt who finished last in 32nd who will go to Rio.

This system is even a lot worse than pool swimming qualification process.

Craig Lord

Indeed, asf, universality as the killer of competition. Poor.

kevin roose

Thank you for that Craig i was on the honest impression it was the top 9 but yes i see now Australia only have 1 quota in the womens and mens race .


Another question Craig. If a country has two swimmers in the top 9, but only one gets a Rio ticket, are those “extra” places given to the 10th, 11th etc?

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