World Cup Circuit Opens In Chartres With WRs From Vlad Morozov & Alia Atkinson

Vladimir Morozov by Patrick B. Kraemer

A world record from Vlad Morozov in the 100 individual medley and Alia Atkinson in the 100 breaststroke opened World Cup action in Chartres.

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Barnabas Mandi

In the case of Alia, equalling WR means 10 extra points above the 12 for the first place and no money, while Morozov’s WR means 20 extra points and 10,000.- USD.
Katinka was also second in the 800 free, third in the 50 back and fifth in the 50 free. In the morning she scratced only from the 100 breast.


So, equalling WR is not given the same bonus money and point?
That’s weak. And harsh.

Hosszu. I’m lost for words.
Coaches of the world really should try to implement Hosszu’s training and racing regime to their own team. Obviously it has worked for Hosszu, wildly beyond imagination.

I’m just glad this world cup series exist for those swimmers who want to have racing opportunities while getting paid through prize money.

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