World Champ Mitch Larkin Cracks 1:54 A 5th Time As Josh Beaver Joins The Rio Mission

Mitchell Larkin of Australia
Mitchell Larkin by Patrick B. Kraemer

Mitch Larkin finished his 2015 breakthrough season of double world backstroke titles by going yet faster for the Commonwealth record of 1:53.17. He booked his ticket to the Olympic showdown in Rio on 1:53.90, the fifth best of his career after a storm of speedy swims last year; Josh Beaver also inside Rio cut on 1:56.1; Daniel Tranter takes 200IM crown but no cut; and Emily Seebohm leads the way to a tight 200 back final in prospect

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Cate Campbell was 24.86 on the feet. It’s so fast it’s almost comical, with the slowest RT as usual of course. This swim is almost a carbon copy of her Barcelona 100 free swim where she went out in 24.85 for 52.34

As I keep maintaining, for swimmers like the Campbells and Weitzeil who are pure 50-100 sprinters, trying to swim a “balanced” splits would actually result in slower swim overall. In the past two years Cate has tried to swim slower first 50, and she was nowhere near her Barcelona swims.


Fantastic for Mr. Larkin, and congrats to Mr. Beaver. Sad, however for Mr. Tranter; he’s been faster many times before, I think. I can’t watch the trials: what happened with Mr. Fraser Holmes in the 200m medley? I thought he had been the fastest in the heats or semis.

Kris Perkovic

Cate looked as if a piano had landed on her, she had visibly slowed. Still, great time, although come Rio I fancy Bronte for gold.

Great performance from Mitch Larkin although Im not sure if he’s below his best. In most of his races he’s been very close to the lane rope; otherwise he could go even faster.

And great performance from McKeown, she looked so smooth in the water, my swim of the evening.



TFH scratched out from the 200 IM final because he is not going to swim it in Rio.

Daniel Tranter seems to have not improved after one year training with Bob Bowman.
Grant Hackett also trained with Bowman during US winter. Last year, after only a few months training with Denis Cotterel, he was able to qualify to Kazan as relay alternate, and then won bronze.
This year, he was not even able to get into final.
Fortunately, Cameron McEvoy decided to pass up the chance to train with Phelps under Bowman:

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, last year Weitzeil stroke rate was much slower, and result much worrse. first 50 in 26.5s, second 50 28s.


aswimfan: thank you for the info about Mr. Fraser Holmes. Still sad for Mr. Tranter and Australia not having a representation in the short male medley. Although I haven’t seen any of the races, I’m also sad for Mr. Keiran Qaim, who dropped more than a second in the 200m butterfly. While Mr. Morgan has shown progress in the last two years, Mr. Irvine seems to have stalled.

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