World Olympians Association Condemns WADA Data Leaks And Calls For Reform

The World Olympians Association (WOA) today condemned the actions of pro-Russian cyber hacking group Fancy Bears and the public release of athletes’ confidential medical information. The leaks, which have included the medical details of several swimmers, provides an opportunity to open “debate on the future and that changes are needed in the anti-doping system which, in our view, is failing clean athletes”. In a statement on the leaks, WOA sets out a three-point reform plan

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Having followed coverage of the Fancy Bears illegal, selective release of personal TUE information across a host of sports, I have come to the conclusion that some misuse of TUE’s is currently a reality in sport. While probably 98% of the time, the banned substance covered by a TUE is necessary and does not give the athlete an advantage during competition, the 2% potential misuse is a concern.

IMO, in the same way as some athletes have published a trend of biological passport information, ultimately all TUE issued should be published by WADA or National Anti Doping Agencies.

Its a delicate balance between an individuals right to privacy of personal medical information and transparency with regard to approved illegal substance use.

If TUE ‘s were put in the public domain then, the Fancy Bears would be out of a job, but more importantly another loophole in fight for clean sport would be significantly tightened up (could never be eliminated though).

Craig Lord

Quite so, BM.


a silver lining of Fancy Bears’ action seem to be the acceleration of call for reforms.

Craig Lord

Yes but total transparency would be the only victory… otherwise, the FB’s action will go down as a hostile action with a specific angle, to the detriment of those who had legitimate TUEs in place. I think Jeanette Ottesen had a good response – more or less ‘what fun – I don’t care if people know I have a TUE in place and what it’s for’… that’s the key … vast bulk of these people are not ‘dopers’ as the charge suggests. If call for reform is the FB victory, the failure is the main purpose: to take the ball of the real issues in doping, cheating and systematic cheating beyond that…

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