Katie Ledecky (15:36.53 WR) & Lotte Friis Race Through Timewarp, Lauren Boyle Chasing

Katie Ledecky celebrates her WR victory [Photo: Patrick B. Kraemer]

Katie Ledecky and Lotte Friis, the swiftest pace-maker in history, swam through a time warp on the way to a sensational 15:36.53 world record and 15:38.88 silver to take women’s 1500m freestyle into a new era in readiness for inclusion in the Olympic programme one fine day soon. If they cracked open the 15:42.54 at which the world mark had stood to American Kate Ziegler since 2007, then bronze almost got there too, Kiwi Lauren Boyle on 15:44.71

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Lane Four

This was absolute history. HISTORY!!!!! The women are now in a new realm. No more pacing and waiting for the kick. This was an all out guts and glory race. We are all thankful to both ladies for what they showed the world.


Couldn´t believe how fast they went out Fris was on her pb at the 800 and through the 400 on 4.05 when i think her best textile is 4.04


Staggering swimming by both girls! MONUMENTAL! What on earth is Ledecky going to do to Adlington’s 800… 8:12? 8:10 even? The mind boggles!!!

Ex-WR holders Ziegler and (especially) Evans made to look pedestrian. Frightening….

Mike in Dallas

It was the female version of watching someone like Kieren Perkins vs. Grant Hackett when they were dueling in the 1500 meters — only better!

Total congrats to both swimmers — Katie L., SUPERB!



I don’t know why people are giving these young stars such poor advice, but it is just crazy for Ledecky to maintain her amateur status. Education should always be encouraged, but someone like Franklin or Ledecky could cover the value of several college scholarships with the money they’re missing out on, and just pay their own way through. By 22 many former teenage stars are past their peak, and their earning potential could be a faction of what it is now.

Sorry to put a negative note on an amazing event.

Craig Lord

From a distance, the NCAA rule looks like it belongs to the arc… can’t see why they could not at last have trust funds so the money is there for them after they’ve gone through college.


I totally agree with felixtzu.

And who knows how many years that Ledecky will last. Yes, Ledecky is a legend already and will probably be the most dominant distance swimmer for the next ten years, but we also know that distance swimmers on average last shorter than sprinters for example.

Also, Ledecky has won Olympics gold, world championships, break world records, why should she swim NCAA. She can always do the Michael Phelps route: go to college and swim under the best coach on her own money.

mark schwartz

Thank you for that wonderful coverage. I am more of a casual swimming fan and was having a hard time finding any real analysis from my usual sports news outlets.


So if I understood it correctly, Ledecky had to say no to two WR bonuses and all of her individual prize money.

25k+25k+15k+15k+15k+ something from a relay = at least 95 000 dollars.

I’m seconding Graig’s idea that if a swimmer cannot accept prize money, why not to establish some trust fund? It could be established also for helping swimming at College level in USA?

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