Wins For Thiago Pereira & Marcelo Chierighini In Edgy Maria Lenk Finals

Thiago Pereira by Patrick B. Kraemer

Thiago Pereira and a 2:11.86 victory rose above others and the issue in the 200m breaststroke at the Maria Lenk Trophy in Rio, where the edginess between specialists and the men’s 100m freestyle showdown served to highlight the questions inherent in faster heats/slower finals.

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47.0 makes 48s look pedestrian


I am a bit surprised that Mr. Fratus is not mentioned in the final results of the 100m freestyle. Did he swim the final? I would have expected that he would be an important piece in the 4x100m freestyle and medley relays.

I find it remarkable that Mr. Pereira did such a good time in 200m breaststroke, for a non-specialist. He seems to be a jack of all trades.

Also quite pleasing that Mr. Oliveira remains a top ranked swimmer; I understand that he’s older than some of his peers.

Craig Lord

for33: 49.70 heats and 49.83 B final for Fratus, not in the frame for 4×100 as things stand


Thank you Mr. Lord for the information.

I have fond memories of the 4x100m male relay in the 2014 Pan Pacs, where Brazil (with Mr. Fratus), USA, Australia, and Japan had a very entertaining and close race.


Well the Mens 4×100 is really starting to shape up. All Brazil need is someone to swim 51.7 and on paper they are at 3:32.6 (not taking into account the take overs).

Australia a clear favourite for this event. 3:30.6

Close second is China, providing they take their top * Breast swimmer – 3:31.82

We then look to USA, Great Britain, Japan and South Africa.

** Russia, with a 48.0 from Morozov and 51.1 from Evgeny would be a hypothetical 3rd place.

*** USA has yet to fire the laser, Sitting at 3:32.47


According to his coach, Fratus has a Minor Injury and did not recover for Trials.

He and Cielo might as well try a 100 dash on Rio if both are there to see if they get a spot on the relay as I don´t know if Bra will take alternates.


Also if someone of Brazil go 51,7 the total would be 3:32:06 not, 3:32:60.


I hope for these guys that they are not fully rested, because by looking at their swimming – not the times, the actual swimming – Mr McEvoy would smoke them all.

Rafael, how can Cielo try a 100 dash in Rio if he is not qualified yet? Or has he qualified in the 50?

And assuming he qualifies, does it work like that? if you qualify in an event, you can try others? and you can still win a spot on the relay?

Craig Lord

All down to the day, RSASprinter, and which teams find relay swimmers who go beyond themselves, and which teams have people who fall shy of best. It could be a terrific show.


He won´t swim an individual 100 free, I think he will qualify on 50 free,

But the head coach can see if Fratus or Cielo will be a good addition for the relay and put them on the team. What is the deadline to add extra swimmers in caso Cielo does not qualify Craig? Fratus is in, no one can take him out of 50 free.


If Cielo cannot take 50 free spot, does this mean he won’t be in Rio? Or is there another chance where he can qualify?
That would be extremely tough if he can’t swim in his own home Olympics.


aswimfan, it seems Brazil may take 5 swimmers for the 4×100 free relay, but it will be defined who next week. If cielo does not make the team on 50 free, he could be a relay only, but only next week we will know the decision.


I think he will make it, a second spot after Fratus, but I confess I am not up to date with Brazilian sprinters information


Finals of today:
Women 100 free: New SA Record for Larissa with 54,03, second for OG is Etiene with 54, 26 from December, also on the team Daynara with 55,02 and Manuella with 55,20. OLD SA record is 3:37:39 from Pan AM, this team can go 3:35, which can actually put a Brazilian women team on an Olympic final.


Men 200 back: Only de Deus under Fina A with 1:57:57. Women 200 Breast is now, but is probably the Worst event of all Brazilian trials..


Men 200 IM: Pereira and Henrique with 1:57:91 both


Great swim by Larissa Oliveira at 100 free. Her 54.03 moved her to the ranking #20

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