William Henry & The Age Record Out There For Michael Phelps To Chase: 5 Games To Go

Michael Phelps, Bob Bowman, the Golden Rules, [courtesy St Martin's Press] and the contributor who provided a pathway for swimming to be bigger than a race - William Henry [courtesy RLSS]

Michael Phelps is heading towards a fifth ring of USA Olympic trials in the hunt not only for a berth at a fifth Games but the prizes that open up to him should he make the cut in Omaha in the week of his 31st birthday. If he makes it, and the podium again, he’ll still have four more Games to go to catch up with a record held by the founding father of the Royal Life Saving Society, William Henry

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Felix Sanchez

Am I missing something. How could 18 years and two weeks be Britain’s youngest medalist? I thought Sharon Davies was 17, but they must have had plenty under 18.


Sarah Hardcastle, 15, won medals in 1984

clive rushton

Bah, humbug! Everyone beat me to it.

Craig Lord

The essential word now added: ‘Gold’ medallist, Felix. Thanks

Craig Lord


Craig Lord

Gold 🙂

Felix Sanchez

I thought that might have been it, but still pretty surprising. Good stat.

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