Will IOC’s Gender Equality Group Remember To Add A Pinch Of Curry & Co To Their Pot?

Lisa Curry being interview on Jungle Camp and the headline in News Corp papers in which the swimmer said she holds out hope yet that she may one day be handed a medal for her Olympic achievements [image: still from Perth Now, News Corp]

This week delivered a hint of the height of IOC ambition in a gender equality plan, a statement about which ended with these words: “With the adoption of Olympic Agenda 2020 in December 2014 and as reaffirmed by the IOC Executive Board last December, the IOC is committed to working with its stakeholders to increase the possibilities for girls and women in sport and to achieve the goal of female athletes representing 50 per cent of the athletes taking part in the Olympic Games.” Is that it, then? Is that really what gender equality means: 50/50 participation? Let’s hope not. After all, there’s so much to do, including dealing with a backlog of woe holding back progress and trust.

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