Why Thomas Bach’s Record Is On The Line With The IOC’s Over Russia This Week

Russia got to chink glasses with the IOC once more in Rio - but the IPC locked the nation out of the Paralympics, with CAS backing [All images are stills from "Red Herrings" by ARD]

Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, faces scrutiny in his own country this coming week, as the movement he leads votes on whether to impose a blanket ban on Russia for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games or go for a soft-option compromise that will anger many leading Olympians, coaches and officials in the world of elite sport. Today over at the Sport and Politics website under the headline “The IOC, the olympic family and the absolutely impeccable reputation of KGB/FSB agents”, German journalist Jens Weinreich takes an explosive look at what he calls the “astonishing deep links at the heart of the Olympic movement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the secret services of the Soviet Union (KGB) and Russia (FSB)”.

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The IOC is what its always been and pays homage to TWO key interests: money and power (no matter where and in whom it is vested). End of story.

Can the edifice survive the potential “Armageddon” facing international sport post Rio ?? Doubtful.

Perhaps something can be rebuilt from the ashes but it would have to be a much slimmer, much humbler & transparent organisation …. and I hope they have first rate financial investigators !! Whether they may still be a “market” is another matter.


Meanwhile, according to Daily Mail


IOC will ban the whole Russia from participating in Rio but will ask sporting Federations to examine the merits of individual Russian athletes to compete under IOC flag.
I know that Daily Mail is not the most trustworthy of news sources, but if true this would be tremendous.


Hope that Mr. Bach can make a great and right decision.


Bach may be at the top of the table but he only has one vote. This will be the decision of the Executive Ctee not just that of the Chairman. Whether he is able to impress his view, whatever it may be, remains to be seen.

They’re in a position of having to make a hard decision rather than “kick it down the road then hide”; the cop out” option that has historically been their ‘reflex action’.

There is no RIGHT decision, or a just decision, but rather what is the “least worst”/least “unjust” one. Whatever call they make, there will be the collateral damage of “innocent people”. Just a matter of which

Craig Lord

Yes, as you say asf: best wait till the IOC has actually met and discuss and decided – I think it may come to that but at this stage I would imagine this is as much as guess as any of us can give it 🙂

Craig Lord

Quite CW – and let’s hope for once it is not the clean athletes of the countries that haven’t been involve in state-sponsored doping.


State sanctioned might be a more appropriate label than state sponsored but otherwise, yes.

The least worst solution is that of there being no Russian team in Rio … with the potential out of allowing individual Russians compete if they were duly ‘cleared’ but the time-frame makes the latter impracticable.

However, I can empathise with those Russians who ARE clean and who will be the collateral damage of such a decision. Have walked in those shoes, albeit a different time and different circumstances.

Craig Lord

Yes, CW, fudge and uncomfortable compromise ahead, where even Russia, if let back under one flag or another, would have athletes who have tested positive and served a suspension back in racing for more prizes, the ‘benefit’ of their cheating having been banked long ago and still withe them. The fairest scenario is to say to Russia – given the corruption revealed and woful links of a crisis on a different scale to anything we’ve had confirmed since the GDR (China was just as bad if not worse in the 1990s, though the definition of systematic would not be quite the same) – see you in 2020 if you turn this around and can be trusted to be the guardians of your own youth in world sport. I understand what you mean by sanctioned. Yes. And in some sense sponsored, too: the labs, the funding of athletes, coaches and programs, the secret services etc – all part of a giant network that has a serious cultural problem: namely, cheating has been seen as the only way to make sure, the only way to compete, the only way to be if you want to show your country as strong and representative of all that works – back to the days of Cold War. Unacceptable and Russia and many Russians in a country steeped in great culture and literature and art and learning on many levels is bigger and better than that.

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