Why Swimmers Should Hail The Wag & Nag For Change This International Women’s Day

Celebrating the history of women in swimming - image courtesy of the International Swimming Hall of Fame

The wag, that wag, the nag, the feminine realm and role in world sport is celebrated far and wide in various forms this day on the edge of International Women’s Day. Women swimmers and other aquatic athletes have been making headlines for more than 100 years as they made their pioneering way from open water to pool, off board, in noseclip and chucking a ball across the surface with a force fit to flatten. Much to celebrate this day – and far too much to mention here, of course. We ought, however, to mention the bad news, too, starting with the woeful imbalance in gender representation at the house of FINA

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Steve Levy

By the numbers…

Men Women

FINA 200 51 20%

Swimming 568 533 48%
Diving 68 68 50%
Synchro 0 104 100%
Water Polo 156 104 40%
Open Water 25 25 50%

Craig Lord

Quite – and take away synchro and athlete groups at FINA and you’re looking at an even more dramatic count

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