Why Making Rio 2016 Is ‘Just A Bonus’ For Aussie Comeback-Plus Swimmer Daniel Smith

Dan Smith, right, with Grant Hackett on the comeback trail together at world titles in 2015 - by Patrick B. Kraemer

“Before, I never knew who I was, so being able to know who I am and where I want to go with my life now, it’s kind of like swimming is just a bonus now.” That’s how Daniel Smith describes where he is in life as he approaches the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. His parents are just glad he’s alive as their son seeks to help others who find themselves heading down the path to drug and alcohol addiction

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Great redemption story! Hope he can set PB in the 4×200 prelims so he can swim the final. That would be amazing!


Pity the same cant be said about his mate Grant. As for Dan his poor parents probably thought they’d lost him for good, fantastic recovery from him, I imagine plenty of teenage stars fall down the same hole and end up buried…

Definitely a chance of bronze but that’s all…McEvoy didn’t have to swim any relays at trials and with the late nights its going to be a very demanding week for him. Missing the 200 final would be a blessing in disguise.

kevin roose

Every chance Daniel Smith could be in the final at this stage Mcevoy and Fraser Holmes appear to be the only certainties. David Mckeon has so far been very dissapointing in major meets overseas Jacob Hansford the other selected relay swimmer .Of course depending on Hortons form on the first night in the 400 he could be a dark horse and a trump card for the relay .
i agree though bronze at best for Australia Mcevoy having to contend with individaul 200 , 4 x 100 free relay prior and same day as this relay heats and semi 100 will take its toll.


Which exactly drugs was he doing?

Craig Lord

During his time out of swimming, street (‘party’) drugs categorised as stimulants were part of his story, Eugene, ‘ice’, methamphetamines cited in Australian media.

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