Why Kareena Lee Won’t Be Wearing This Fun Funkita Next Week In Big Chill Off Setubal

Kareena Lee in a fab and fun Funkier suit best suited to the 28C waters she's accustomed to, not the 16c waters she's heading to in Setubal next week.

News Round-Up: Why Aussie open waters aces have been training in ice ahead of the last-saloon lake of Olympic qualification in The Atlantic next week; Joe Schooling and Quah Zheng Wen named on Singapore squad for Rio 2016 Olympics; Dawn Fraser on how asthma made her a swimmer; and Sun Yang signs up with a media group as his star fades in China, a survey showing 34% opposed to him being a ‘contracted entertainer’ and almost 12% thinking him “crazy”

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Thumbs up to 11.8


I guess the 11.8 saw or heard about the locker incident and probably also the brawl with female Brazilian swimmer.

Kids, this is why you shouldn’t do drugs. You can become a Sun Yang.


Btw, all those funkita swimsuits do look much fun.

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