Why Julio Maglione*** Is As Useful To Clean Swimmers As A FINA Fart In A Spacesuit

A reminder of the source of systematic woe: how to solve a decades-old problem the IOC ignored for too long? The GDR, the Stasi paperwork used to serve criminal convictions on FINA prize winners; and Yuan Yuan in 1998 at the height of the China doping crisis - the ghosts of a past still haunting Olympic sport

Editorial: I admit upfront that I’m writing a second editorial on the day under the influence of performance-detracting substances, typhus and various other shots coursing through vein as I contemplate words that, nonetheless, spark some of the clearest thought I ever had: Julio Maglione*** (that’s our new asterisk denoting FINA officials who should resign for bringing the sport of swimming into disrepute) is unfit for purpose and should step down from the FINA presidency without hesitation

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Julio maglione is disgusting and must be removed from anything related to FINA as soon as possible.

USA swimming, SAL, Swimming Canada, UK swimming, SNZ should lead the charge to remove him.

Steve Levy

There’s simply no irony in Maglione proffering a pro-doping point of view to a Russian news site.


Can’t help thinking that the gist of this article may’ve been expressed more eloquently with far greater economy of words but that’s neither here or there.

Maglione continues to prove himself either a knave or a fool; quite probably both with near certain strain of venality.

The fact is that he, and Marculescu, are NOT going to go easily or quietly. They would not have entrenched themselves as securely as they have without having ensured their own backs are safe from power moves from major nations.

How are you going to bring them down ? An overt “vote of no confidence” is no guarantee of success as too many national federations can’t afford to do so or have their own skeletons in the closet that they cannot afford to be aired.

How then ?? Follow the money !! If this means granting “immunity” to certain individuals in certain places/from certain countries; it may be necessary but this is likely to be the only way to get to the sources of corruption AND all its linkages.

Craig Lord

Yes, CW, if constituents don’t find the grit to follow other paths to the same end (there is also law enforcement in the background – and we can’t say where that’s going as yet..). I see what you mean, of course, but you might have expressed it more eloquently with far greater economy of words 🙂 And its neither here nor there, but that’s neither here or there 🙂 The thing is, CW, you won’t find the info in this article anywhere else in the world. I think that more noteworthy than the length of my expression 🙂

Craig Lord

None whatsoever, Steve

sippy brennan

You’re on Fire! Maybe Julian Assange could dig up a few emails! When is the IOC going to be investigated? It’s way past due.


Craig, I certainly intended no personal offence. Its a fraught balance to strike in any form of communication between what needs to be said; all that you want to say …. without the intended audience/readership tuning out.

The NFs are risk averse and aren’t likely to act unless:

– there is no alternative to doing so/their hands are forced by outside pressures
– M&M are sufficiently weakened by exposure to various “scandals” that their capacity to retaliate/expose them is minimised

Realistically, we aren’t going to see this over the next month but over the next 6-12 months, the catalysts may certainly be at hand.

How it will all play out ……..

Craig Lord

I didn’t take it personally, CW – there is always scope for making things tighter and more accessible to those who have neither time nor inclination to read on. On a day of juggling many things well beyond the world of swimming (or, more accurately and sadly for the young folk getting ready for Rio who I would far rather focus on, doping), this is my best and I’m ok with that. I agree, nothing is certain but everything is possible; as the athletes and coaches will tell you, nothing worth having comes without some pain and ann appreciation that its not going to go your way every day – none of which means the goal is not achievable. It is.

Craig Lord

🙂 Sippy. Yes, the structures of IOC and feds down from that need independent review and oversight; and ultimately that needs to be written into legal frameworks. The IOC et al have operated a little like a Vatican state. Events have shown that can no longer be the case if those who truly own the Olympics – all of you out there actually working at and in sport day after day and those with a lifetime stake it it all courtesy of their own genuine achievements, athletes to the fore – are continually disenfranchised, ridiculed and misrepresented.

Steve Levy

CW, I’m not aware of any corruption situation that hasn’t been tied to money. In fact, McLaren “…confirmed that his team had communicated with the United States Department of Justice, which in May opened its own inquiry into Russian doping.”

Once a rat is holed up in a trap, they’ll eat their own tail to get free. Or in this case, give up other rats…


Precisely ….. follow the money is the old adage and its rarely proven false.

The issue is whether they’ll follow it all the way and uncover all the linkages or whether they’ll be content at point X …… or be called off the hunt by higher authority/authorities ?

The latter scenario is very likely to come into play going by my experience involved with investigatory commissions. The issue will be to what degree this may be acceded to ….. and how much may be redacted from later public disclosure.


There are some, Steve, admittedly they are a small minority but not everybody’s price is financial. Smart political operators always know their opponent’s (and their own colleagues) weaknesses and how they can be exploited or catered to (should the situation necessitate it).

Craig Lord

CW, that is correct and applies in the general scenario of swimming. A lifestyle of fairly constant classy travel and hotels with all things paid for, free meals and wheels and seeing the sights of many places in the world, for many years at a go, with free gifts part of the package, free tickets and best seats in the house to many top sports events – and a few shillings thrown in the hand on top as per diem… well, you would probably not be surprised to know that that is enough to persuade people to vote and behave in a certain fashion.And these days, that includes journalists and coaches and even retired athletes who would not otherwise be there is a federation wasn’t covering all fees.


Not just the gravy train but general “dirt” such as:
– who’s a problem drinker/has had issues hushed up
– who has gambling problems and has had to take handouts to settle debts
– who’s inclined to “play away from home”
– who might still be in the closet

All “currency” that can & is used to keep the troops in line. Standard political practice and, more subtly, in professional & business circles.

Craig Lord

Absolutely, CW. Well 2 of those categories apply in this scenario to my knowledge – it is a question of time, legality, ethics … and the moment when the glue wears off

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