Why Australian Coach Denis Cotterell Can Put His Alt-?s Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Sun Yang - a FINA star who has got no stripes for good behaviour of late - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Editorial: It as if Denis Cotterell has taken leave of, if not his senses, his sense of history. Indeed, it might be fair to suggest he takes the idea of building a super centre for Chinese swimming in Australia lock, stock and barrel and dumps in in Trump’s America somewhere. At least there could be a meeting of minds when it comes to alternative questions that may lead us to alternative facts. “Race”, as in racist, followed by “I don’t know’ is a cop out. You may or may not know, Denis Cotterell – but I do. The line has long been a masquerade for the bad and the ugly overseeing the abuse of teenagers in China; it was the last resort of rogues in the 1990s. The line is a lie. The line is a lie – and not why serious questions are being put and need to be put. Coach Cotterell surely knows that only too well

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Great Article Craig, calling it as it is.

Hopefully Dennis reads this and it helps him have a clear honest look in the mirror. If he wants to coach Chinese swimmers and chase some $$, he has every right to. But he has no right to defend the indefensible and imply the Australian swimming is remotely in the same league as China when it comes to doping.

Hopefully he doesn’t end up with a Qing Wenyi (RIP) on his hands because in Australia duty of care, especially with minors, is taken very seriously.

If he is really smart he would insist of comprehensive and random testing of all athletes in his squad, not just those part of the FINA testing pool and insist this is funded by China. That way he would become part of the solution for China to recover some reputation from their current deserved status as one of the most doped sporting nations in history.

Craig Lord

Thanks, BoetMate. You’re spot on with the comment, context and suggestion.

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