Welcome To The World Of Fair Sport And A Realm Where Vetters Will Need To Be Vetted

Spotlight on swimming - by Patrick B. Kraemer

For many a long year, there have been lawyers willing to take on and represent the athlete who makes the ‘mistake’ of taking products that contain banned substances, a spectrum of fact, fairness, faith and fiction in the mix. Now, there’s a legal outfit ready to step in to fight the corner of the whistleblower. Enter, stage right, Fair Sport offering financial and legal assistance to those who serve as guardians of sport and help get the truth out about cheating. It will vet those coming forward with information. Vetting the vetters will be just as important in a world where rogues have long made sure they have access to the experimental drug long before such things make it from behind lock and key

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Certainly, a very interesting proposition at least conceptually. Would certainly want to know and read a great deal more in depth before venturing a much firmer opinion.

Would certainly need to be on a very firm financial basis to be sustainable. Given the main operational/legal names are American; one would want to know what further international engagement/expertise is/will be part of this project.

Firstly; on the score of perceptions. Being seen or portrayed as being a US driven “vehicle” may not be helpful. Secondly; on legal basis alone; the bulk of Europe and many other nations operate under a civil law system rather than the common law basis that operates in UK/N.Am/AUS.

Here’s hoping this can get off the ground.

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