Welcome To The World Boomer Bob Phelps: First Photo From Michael & Nicole Johnson

How Michael Phelps announced that he and Nicole Johnson were expecting their first child - and then the first photo after Boomer Bob arrived last Thursday

Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps celebrated the arrival of their son Boomer Robert Phelps with an instragram post of the moment dad held son for the first time.

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Boomer? I’m not surprised they wouldn’t tell anyone.


Apart from that, a new dimension, way beyond 18 gold medals, has just entered their lives.

Craig Lord

Absolutely, Ger – Olympic outer orbits don’t do it 🙂


There is nothing more wonderful than the birth of healthy baby! Congratulations Nicole and Michael! I hope little baby Boomer Bob has a life filled with health and happiness! 🙂

Kirk Garlett

Adult male kangaroos are called “boomers”.


Happy Birthday Boomer! Congrats to the Phelps and Johnson families.

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