Weekend Behind Bars For FINA Bureau’s Ekumbo As Police Ponder Sex Abuse Claims

Ben Ekumbo holding forth as a FINA boss (Youtube)

When FINA Bureau member and Kenyan swimming federation boss Ben Ekumbo appeared in court to face charges of stealing Olympic sports kit yesterday, something much more serious rose from the swamp. Prosecutors told Senior Principal Magistrate Joyce Gandani in Nairobi that they intend to charge Ekumbo that they intend to charge him with sexual molestation of young swimmers.

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If anyone wants to know why FINA is so out of touch and mediocre then look no further than the concentration of FINA Bureau members such as Ekumbo who are self-serving, opportunistic, career sports politicians who come from countries which have no real swimming infrastructure or elite competitors.

Craig Lord

Spot on, longstroke. Nothing will change until leading federations stop tolerating the prevailing structures of the sport that belong to the bygone century and are holding swimming and swimmers back from a much wider ocean of possibilities.

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