Wang Lizhou, Doping Positive In Tow, Clocks Lifetime Best 2:10.9 For 200BR Crown

Wang Lizhuo hit the headlines at home for swimming and doping this year - screenshot

Wang Lizhuo*, the Chinese world junior champion who tested positive for clenbuterol last year but has so far been handed only a warning, wiped almost a second off his lifetime best for a 2:10.95 win over 200m breaststroke at China Summer Championships in Guazhou today

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Maria Sharapova received a two-year suspension from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) after testing positive for banned drug meldonium, Why are these cheats still allowed to compete?

Craig Lord

Because WADA has decided to accept that their cases involved food contamination. I have put the question to WADA: how, when did the test change, what does it involve etc… Is the case that research makes it very clear indeed what is contamination and what is cheating? That ought to be clarified just as much as how long meldonium may stay in the body etc…


By not being consistent and thorough, WADA is undermining it’s own credibility. It’s just quite bleak.

Zhen Sun

Cyclists Michael Rogers and Jonathan Breyne both tested positive on clen in 2013 after competing in China (in two different events) and both were cleared of any penalties by WADA. Jonathan was reported to have tried to commit suicide after the the positive test. It seems WADA accepts that the risk of food contamination is high and real.

I’d also like to get more information of WADA’s findings regarding the cases of Wang.

Craig Lord

Not quite like the Meldonium cases, Zhen, but WADA’s position is one of accepting the rulings of domestic bodies based on statements from swimmers and others. China has now taken the view that others have claimed ‘meat contamination’, so they can too. The actual scientific research into the process that might distinguish ‘contamination’ from ‘deliberate cheating’ is still underway, WADA having yet to accept the process that might be used to separate cases out. As such, Wang is a very lucky boy, the benefit of doubt having given him a second chance. He will, of course, carry an asterisk on his site, WADA’s ‘strict liability’ a part of a rule and Code that has been overruled in his case. Positive he was, penalty (reprimand) he got.


Yet WADA/UCI didn’t buy the ‘tainted meat’ defense in the case of Alberto Contador, IIRC.

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