WADA Throws Meldonium Athletes A Lifeline But Yulia Efimova May Still Struggle

Yuliya Efimova by Patrick B. Kraemer

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has offered some of those, including a wave Russia’s top sportsmen and women, a lifeline: an amnesty for those with only a trace of the banned drug meldonium and able to prove that they “could not reasonably have known or suspected that the substance would still be present in his/her body on or after 1 January 2016, then a finding of no fault or negligence may be made”. Yulia Efimova may yet struggle

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Oh please. I notice that the Russian walkers are back in training for the Rio Olympics. Having cheated everyone out of medals for the past decade. Punishment is what is required.

Craig Lord

p1r – quite


Never have I been so glad that cheater like Yuliya was tested negative (in January).
Because this means that she must have taken it after the January test.


Well, I would imagine anyone above 1mcg will cry foul, lawyers getting involved, etc. WADA has opened a can of worms.


She has already protested, just go away you are drug cheat tainted forever!

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