WADA Report No2 Set To Drive Another Nail Into The Coffin Of Sports Autonomy & IAAF

Today delivers the WADA Independent Commission Report No2 in the wake of a Sunday Times investigation into a doping test database loaded with woe and the first part of an investigation that confirmed the worst of the allegations made in an ARD television documentaries into systematic doping and corruption in the Russian sports system. The fallout continues to flow. A good moment to reflect on ethics, human limits, predictors to doping and related issues, including the failure of sporting leaders to keep their house in order

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Lawrie Cox

A significant comment that should be played over and over again. Prof Hoberman
“I never thought that I would live long enough to see international sports governance collapse – but I have – and so have you.”
it is so very true but it still has a long and painfully slow death ahead of it as those in the blazerati fight to protect themselves.

What is becoming crystal clear is that the sunlight appearing into FIFA and IAAF will eventually flow throughout including the IOC.

It will be pleasant to watch to cleanup and clean out of those responsible.


As a sports enthusiast and parent of a world a swimmer, I applaud SwimVortex and journalists world-wide for the continuous reporting of the doping and corruption in sport.
I did some quick basic (apologies for omissions) analysis of swimming countries and according to their corruption ranking as published by WorldAudit.org. The most corrupt and/or least democratic countries have the worst record in doping – not surprising:

Top Twenty – Canada, AUS, Germany, UK, Japan, USA
Mid Tier – France, Spain, Italy, Brazil
Bottom of the Pile – Brazil, China, Russia

As these levels of country corruption will generally remain the status quo, if will be almost impossible to reduce the level of doping, as the corruption levels in these countries will simply preclude any meaningful self regulation. How real will the Russian Athletics cleanup be and how long will any improvement in doping rates last? The only solution (as proposed by many before me) is to have a fully independent international body ie WADA administer all in and out of competition testing for all participating countries. Testing frequency per capita would be adjusted according to each countries’ current per capita rate of doping violations – “fish where the fish are”. This body would be funded jointly by International Sporting Federations and by countries that wish to participate in the Olympic and World Championships.
Sanctions for clear doping violations must also be much harsher. Previous calls for much longer or lifetime bans would make a huge difference especially when one considers that some PED effects can last many years. I do believe that most armchair sporting enthusiasts who actually fund all sports players and administrators want to see clean, fair competitions. If the masses can be mobilised to demand clean sport then positive change will continue.

Craig Lord

Fine thoughts, BoetMate – and thanks for that WorldAudit.org connection. I couple those thoughts to the culture inherent in the understanding and knowledge that underpins “Empowering Coaching” and the importance of getting the climate and environment right from go in sport root to branch – as you suggest, much harder to achieve in some places than others … even so, setting the high standard (and removing testing from organisations stuffed with universality of the kind that is bound to lead to bad outcomes) should be the goal

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