W50 Butterfly: Fran Halsall At The Double With 25.20 Roar On England Ladies Day

Fran Halsall had her claws out in the sprint events in Glasgow [Gian Mattia D'Alberto / lapresse]

A day after claiming the 50m freestyle title in 23.96, the swiftest time ever seen from a woman in a textile suit, Halsall, 25, added a second gold to her bounty on butterfly, a 25.20 victory down one lap not only keeping the crown she first won in Delhi in her hands but delivering records Commonwealth and Games in the bargain

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Well yeah compared to Sarah it’s more like a meow than a roar. 😉 However, I think in Berlin the the gap between them may be a lot smaller than their times would suggest.


I agree, Keith. I’d like to see Sarah back up her 24.4 in a pool that cannot be at the mercy of weather conditions. (I am not saying she was helped by a tailwind, just that it was a possibility).


Heard an interview where she spoke about Gibson as a coach, and really focused on his having been a fellow elite swimmer and the benefit of that. Seemed a bit directed towards Ben Titley.


FH certainly seems to have found her niche as a 50 swimmer; rather a shame for her that only 1 is an Olympic event.

Good to see VP-Wallace medal as she’s had a wonderful meet and deserves to come away with some loot.

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