W50 Breaststroke: & The Winner Is … Jennie Johannsson. No Really, Swedish Dash Queen

Jennie Johansson of Sweden - world champion! Me? Yippee! - by Patrick B. Kraemer

A gold medal for Ruta Meilutye (LTU) and Alia Atkinson (JAM) for dashing under the lane top and congratulating the winner in truly gracious style, big hug and all. The world champion is Jennie Johansson, of Sweden. She stopped the clock at 30.05, nothing some of the illustriously fast company around her could not have coped with on another day. But this was Johannsson’s day – and on it she did the best she’s ever done to rise up the ranks of all-time best 10 in textile by 1 place at 5th; silver to Alia Atkinson.

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Felix Sanchez

Tough to watch Meilutyte here. It seems she is letting the Efimova situation get to her far too much. Yes, it’s not ideal, but regardless of Efimova or anyone else, if she had been close to her best times she’d have won both golds.


What a fabulous swim, and how it reinforces that anyone in a 50m final from any lane can take it on the day.

And what a lovely, touching and understandable response when she won and on the podium. You could literally see the years and years of tough lonely training following the black line, just melt away.

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