W4x100m Freestyle: Dutch Gold In Dominant 3:33.80 For First Win Since Eindhoven 2008

The Dutch quartet (L-R) of Maud van der Meer, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Marrit Steenbergen and Femke Heemskerk by Patrick B. Kraemer

The Dutch quartet of Maud van der Meer (54.68), Femke Heemskerk (52.80); Marrit Steenbergen (53.82) and Olympic 50 and 100m champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo (52.50) claimed 4x100m free gold in a dominant 3:33.80 ahead of quartets from Italy and Sweden.

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Interesting line-up from NED, opening with the weakest link (De Meer). This does have the advantage of allowing a 2nd sub53 split later in the relay from Kromowidjojo (that may not have come “off the gun”) but does have the effect of potentially putting the team significantly behind against the likes of AUS, USA or potentially CAN.

Having said that, this quartet will almost certainly be the Rio outfit. Whilst one wishes Inge Dekker a full recovery and the very best in any future endeavours; the only time she ever split sub54 was in the suits year (2009) and even full fit would only be like-for-like at best vs De Meer.

kevin roose

Netherlands on that performance are way behind Australia. Both Campbell sisters and Mckeon potentially doing 52 low even 51 high ……a world record beckons from the Australians

Craig Lord

Everyone is way behind the Australian prospect, Kevin – arguably the safest gold in Rio if there were such a thing.


Together with Ledecky in 400 & 800 & the US women’s 4×200.


I’ll agree with Rob’s summation re the “shortest priced favourites”. As for world records, they happen …… when they happen rather than as an inevitability.

For a WR to occur, that would need all four to “fire” on the one night which happens far less often than people think. Like the other “short priced favourites; their “gap” on the competition is such that it would require a break, illness or injury to either/both Campbells or at least 2 legs swimming abominably to lose.

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