W400 Medley: Another Medley Double For Katinka Hosszu, But Ye’s Record Too Far

Katinka Hosszu of Hungary reacts after finishing first in the women's 400m Individual Medley (IM) Final during the FINA Swimming World Championships at Kazan arena in Kazan, Russia, 9 August 2015. by Patrick B. Kraemer

Katinka Hosszu made a run at Ye Shiwen’s world record in the 400 individual medley, but it again proved elusive on the strength of that surreal freestyle leg.

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Kim Simonsen

Congrats, Katinka – remember the 400 IM in Rio is on day one 🙂


In tv and film, there are actors known as ‘Hey! It’s That Guy!’ actors because they’re never the big superstars but you see them a lot and they’ll reliably turn in good work. I think Di Rado is turning into the HITG for the American team.


Did you see the record line on the last leg? Ye was something like what, 5 secs faster than the Iron Lady? It blows your mind.

Felix Sanchez

As crazy as Ye’s record line looks racy Hosszu on the final leg, the weirdness of the image is enhanced by the Hungarian’s approach to pacing. A final 50m of 32.19 is pretty slow for someone who has just done a 1.56 200m?

If Di Rado – or one of the others – becomes a real threat in the next year, maybe Hooszu will have to review her pacing.


even if she splitted 30 mid, it wouldn’t be enough ….

Jose Peña

I think that Hosszu has already reached her maximum potencial in 400 IM and she cant improve. She has a great speed but no the enough endurance to resist the last meters of Ye’s record, and that endurance cant be achieved in one year to get the record in Rio. The only swimmer that in my opinion can approach to Ye’s record is Belmonte if she recovers from her injuries.

What do you think about?


Wow, looking at Ye before the race, she looks totally out of shape, much heavier than in London.


Puberty can be a harsh mistress for some elite teenage girls.If your stroke relies on a lot of power in a small silhouette, it’s far harder to stay compact at 19 than it is at 15. Janet Evans had that kind of build and struggled to match her lightest weight teenage times as her body wanted to develop a curvier adult shape.

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