W100 Free: Sisters Of Speed Cate & Bronte Campbell On 52, McKeon Makes The Sweep

Aussie sweep, sizzling sisters of speed, Cate & Bronte Campbell ahead of Emma McKeon [Photos: Patrick B. Kraemer]

In the midst of an Australian sweep headed by World champion Cate Campbell in 52.68, her sister Bronte wrote two lines in swimming history: 1st time sisters have finished 1-2 in any Commonwealth race – 1st time two swimmers from any nation go inside 53 in same race; Emma McKeon makes it a sweep

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Lennart van Haaften

This result is setting up a very exciting sister rivalry for the coming years. Bronte almost closed the gap, and being two years younger, who knows what she’ll be able to do in the future. I love where the women’s free sprint events are going.

Bronte seemed much happier than Cate with the result though, she may have been surprised by he PB. At least I hope that’s the reason. With her skills, she shouldn’t be content with silver, even when it’s her sister taking the gold.


Lennart pan pacs will be interesting…I commented a few weeks ago that I can’t see Cate winning individual Olympic gold. She is often so flaky in the last 25. Sarah & Bronte would be my favourites right now. Crazy to think that just 4 years ago Coutts won that in 54.0. That time is pedestrian now.


C2 breaking 53 was no surprise as she’s threatened it a few times and her form at this meet has definitely been PBs ….. but wasn’t expecting her to be as close to big sister. Will be VERY interested to see how/when/if the dominance may play out between these two in the next few years. Very sound and creditable performance by McKeon who’s time would certainly seen her in the last 2 major intl finals over this distance. Halsall – a tick under 54 which is probably about as good as could be expected given her greater focus on 50’s.


Sizzling sisters of speed.
I see what you did there


Ah that Coutts 54.0 – Luckiest 100FR champion of all time. It was there for Seebohm or Halsall on a plate – Seebohm had already peaked and Halsall got Ill. Bummer.

Shannon Rollason

Well done to all the girls with terrific swims. 2006 the Aussie women locked out the podium with Lenton, Henry and Mills.

Bill Bell

I think C1 swam just fast enough to win.

Come the Pan-Paca and Franklin!? Mebbe Manuel? Mebbe the. Girl from T heDawg Poubd who won NCAA 50 (Oljvia Smoliga?) mebbe even Natalue or Amanda a Weir…anyway a/a home crowd behind her I can see C-squared getting into the 4-s and Kil Sis 52 low. And McJeon ‘ll go FASTER in the deuce than het Old Man dif 356 years ago @ Edmonton (world not quite but clise!)

Robert Traynor

Fantastic result for Australia and what a close finish with Bronte zooming up beside Cate. Bronte’s second lap was half a second faster than Cate’s. Impressive. I can’t wait to see who gets the better of whom leading up to and during the Rio Olympics.

Lennart, are you implying that Cate wasn’t as happy as Bronte because she’s worried her younger sibling could beat her in the future? I doubt that very much.

Craig Lord

quite right Shannon. thanks

Lennart van Haaften

I wasn’t implying that at all Robert. It just struck me how happy Bronte was even though she narrowly lost. It’s great to see a sister win, but in the end they are professionals who should always want to win themselves. The difference in reactions could also be a personality thing of course.:)


From media reports, Bronte was so happy that she finally swam under 53. Which I think that’s how her reaction showed.

Craig Lord

Her reaction is in the article you’re commenting on, aswimfan (that’s a media report too …)


Luckiest 100M free champion of the modern era- gotta say Hanna-Maria Seppala at the 2003 World Championships. She swam the race of her life and the bigger names ahead of her had a bad race in unison.


Yeah, lightning never struck twice for Seppala despite a very long career. Recall Henry popped up for silver. 2004 was the one year she ever had her head-space fully in the right place. Lenton got all the media attn. for breaking the WR at trials whilst few realised Henry went very close in the other semi and actually took the natl title.

In defence of Coutts she does have a number of sub 54s to her name. Now superceded by others, but it did look a little dicey post Beijing w Lenton retired and C1 with unresolved hip and illness issues.

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