Vladimir Morozov, Yuliya Efimova* & Co Excluded From FINA’s ‘Final’ Rio Entry List

Vladimir Morozov - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Though a Court of Arbitration case is pending for Yuliya Efimova*, she and the six Russians, including Vladimir Morozov, barred by FINA from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have been excluded from what the international swimming federation today describes as the “final Entry Lists” for all aquatic disciplines for the Games in Brazil.

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Morozov will appeal.. and he and Lobintsev are on Rio already and training normally. The rest of Russian fed will arive today, soon we will know if Efimova is on Rio..

And FINA list is a joke, they made multiple erroros which they don´t want corrected. Just for example: Brazil requested to include Jhenifer and de Lucca on the B List of the 100 breast and 200 back (And they will already swim on Rio due to Medley relay).
Based on FINA own politic, all relay swimmers who has a B time and the country does not have anyone with A Standard, should swim,

Craig Lord

He may well appeal, Rafael, though his case is even less certain because he falls into the same category as the track and field athletes barred and CAS backed that… if the detail of his case is the same as any of the 68 track and fielders excluded (problems related to test samples within the Russian jurisdiction), then CAS would be applying different standards to different sports and athletes – I’m not sure they’ll want to do that… meanwhile, he doesn’t fall into the same category as Efimova and Co, ironically…

John MacLean

A few utterly baffling decisions from British swimming. Wallace and Lloyd both down to swim 200IM and Cameron Kurle selected for individual 200 free ahead if Milne, Renwick and Scott. Presumably to avoid having to swim any if them on the 4*200 relay but why include any of them at all?

Craig Lord

Yes, John. The ‘strategy’ if that is what it is, will be interesting to watch as it unfolds. The 200IM solo slots cannot be justified at all given that there was scope to add the national champion ranked 12th among those actually headed to Rio for that race but excluded on the basis that he did not make a solo cut – and neither did the relay boys. The conclusion must be that this is all for the greater good of the 4×200. Time will tell.


But isn’t the track and field different because it was a sports-wide ban? Meaning there won’t be a single Russian track and fied athlete in Rio?

Craig Lord

Yes, asf, and no – there will be one Russian there, courtesy of the fact that she has only ever been tested by agents in her long-term base – the USA. The reason the others are barred collectively is because their records include tests that cannot be trusted and some because they are part of the ‘disappeared’ group. Morozov et al are part of that same category. My point is that CAS may, if the detail matches, be applying different rules to athletes who appear in the McLaren report for the same reason. We’ll only know that if there is a challenge and we get to know the more precise detail of why these 3 swimmers have been excluded.


Craig, what about US?

They put all 6 men as RO on all 3 relays, same for the 4 women..

If They must use all these swimmer on all 3 relays (Imagine Feigen Held swimming a 200 free) or Smith swimming a 100 free.. US might be DQ or left out of all finals..

Craig Lord

Yes, Rafael, it’ll be interesting to see how that plays and how the rule is applied…

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