Vladimir Morozov & Nikita Lobintsev Back In For Rio 2016 As FINA Confirms Its Flip-Flop

Vladimir Morozov - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Vladimir Morozov and Nikita Lobintsev, two of the Russian swimmers barred from the Olympics by FINA following IOC instruction in the wake of the WADA IP McLaren Report, have been cleared to race, according to the international swimming federation. The news was broken by a Russian lawyer days ago but at the time FINA denied that there had been any change in circumstance. Now, news agencies are reporting FINA as confirming their flip-flop by stating: they’re back in

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Good news: The Marx brothers have just been appointed to the FINA board to sort things out.

Felix Sanchez

At this very moment – awaiting 11th hour CAS decision – I can’t help but feel that Efimova is the actual favourite for gold in the 100breast. The in-decision will crush rivals, while she’ll be free-wheeling.

Anyway cue another big week of big controversies. A ‘great’ kick-off would be a 3.39 for Sun Yang.

Dave Nicholson

Being specifically, individually named as part a massive, state-sponsored doping program is apparently not enough to get athletes even a short term ban these days. Meanwhile other countries have suspended many athletes who have provably unintentionally taken very minor amounts of PEDs for years or violated technical test protocols. I’m not defending the latter: if you break the rules, you need to suffer the consequences regardless of intent. Still, the double standard is particularly galling for all of the athletes who have sacrificed preparation effectiveness to meet the huge testing time commitment and organizational burden any effective testing regime demands. Meanwhile others do whatever the hell they want and get away scot free. Kenyan marathoners, Chinese swimmers, Jamaican sprinters… all are coddled and insulated while French athletes (for example) are forced to make huge accommodations. FINA sanctions the absurdly unfair result. What. A. Farce.


What A Farce, indeed, is best describe the FINA and doping situation.

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